Make sure that your brand is appropriately displayed at outdoor events. See how you can prepare for events with our products.

Spring is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year when nature comes back to life after a long break, when the days get longer, and the weather gets warmer. This is also a time of numerous outdoor events, which attract both tourists and locals. Such events integrate mainly people who want to spend their free time outdoors. They also provide an excellent opportunity to promote your brand, products, or services related to your business. You can take advantage of personalised advertisements on products like deckchairs, feather flags, advertising tents, barrier covers, garlands, and beach and bar umbrellas to easily attract the attention of customers and ensure that your business is seen in a positive light.

Introduction of personalised products into outdoor events is an excellent way to emphasise the appropriate atmosphere of the event. You can definitely make the spring atmosphere nicer with deckchairs with colourful prints or your company’s logo, which are not just the perfect way to relax and rest, but also serve as an interesting carrier promoting your company. They are also very practical as they can be folded up and moved elsewhere with ease. Printed deckchairs are suitable for various environments: the beach, music festivals, fairs, or corporate picnics. They are usually located in the central point of the event, which means that the corporate logo found on the deckchairs is visible and recognisable.

Another element, which can be used to improve the corporate image, is an advertising feather flag. This product comes in various shapes and sizes. Flags with the corporate logo will attract the attention of potential customers to serve as an excellent marketing instrument. Advertising flags are big, which makes them visible from a distance and easily recognisable. Thanks to their versatile nature, feather flags are suitable for companies representing any industries irrespectively of the nature of business at various events (e.g. festivals, fairs, concerts, fests, or picnics).

The people attending outdoor events may encounter problems in scope of precipitation or excessive exposure to sunrays. The perfect form of protection for such situations is an advertising tent, which – in addition to the aforementioned functions – is a great way to draw attention to the company and attract potential customers. Advertising tents come in different sizes and are easy to fold up and transport to various events. The considerable advertising space they offer makes them the perfect promotional carrier, which is also a practical protective element for various events.

Another product offering protection from sun and rain is an advertising umbrella, which is an important element of a good outdoor event, specifically in the food zone. This area is usually occupied by printed bar umbrellas, which are very attractive advertising carriers. They can carry print on the entire surface of the canopy in all colours to display the brand in an excellent manner. A similar element – indispensible on camping and recreational trips – is a printed beach umbrella, which is perfect for not just events, but for vacations and holidays as well. Both umbrellas are very durable and resistant to difficult weather conditions. They ensure comfort in leisure and have a positive promotional impact.

Mass event security is a priority. Protective barriers designating zones with no unauthorised access are a common solution. The barriers can be used for promotional purposes by using barrier covers (e.g. banner frontlight, textile materials from the outdoor group), which can be printed over with a logo, advertising slogan, graphics, or other information about the company. Printed protective barrier covers or banners are an inexpensive and popular efficient advertising solution and will simultaneously ensure security in the event’s area.

In order to emphasise the exceptional environment of an event, you may want to put up decorations, which will create a positive atmosphere. One of the most interesting pieces of decoration is a printed advertising garland. This is a decorative and colourful element (available in three shapes: triangle, rectangle, pennant), which can be put up on walls, barriers, trees, and other elements in the area. And please note the ecological element of the products in question – advertising garlands are reusable and can be washed if they get dirty. They also have an attractive appearance, which draws the attention of potential customers to the product or service offered by the company.

Outdoor events are the perfect opportunity to spend some free time with family and friends and create the perfect conditions to advertise your products and services in an original manner. With printed advertising carriers like deckchairs, feather flags, advertising tents, barrier covers, garlands, and beach and bar umbrellas, you can be sure that the special time spent at the event will bring good thoughts related with the given brand to mind. Spring is a special time to offer something fresh to customers, something to help your company stand out on the market.

And this is why you should take advantage of the opportunity and discover the new potential of the spring event offer!