Roll-up film

Roll up banner material

Printing technology

UV, latex, Solvent HR, UV flat


195 μ

Print resolution

1000 dpi

Maximum material width

1,27 m

Finish of material

cut to size


grey reverse, rolled

Intended use

for presentation systems

Important information

The price applies to printing in Solvent HR technology

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Roll up banner material – Robust and aesthetic solution for advertising systems

Roll up banner material- is used in portable advertising systems. It is used to display an advertising message inside and outside. It is white on one side and can be printed with any graphics, and grey on the other to prevent the graphics from showing through. The printed film is a durable tear-resistant material. In addition, the sides of the film do not curl, which makes the print fully visible and looks aesthetic for a longer period of time. The printed film has a thickness of 195 microns and a weight of 160g/m2.

Roll up banner material- from Labo Print

Most often, the roll-up foil is printed with a logo, advertising slogan, photo or information regarding the current product range. It can also include any motif referring to the visual identity of the promoted brand. The printed roll-up foil is often used at trade fairs and during public appearances. At Labo Print, the printed film is used in the Suna, Kaze, Mizu rollup systems and L-Baner and X-Banner advertising systems.

High-quality printed Roll up banner material

UV and solvent HR are the technologies we use for printing roll-up film. Printed graphics have sharp contours and clear, perfectly reproduced colours. Inscriptions in smaller fonts are also clearly visible. In our offer, the roll-up foil is used in systems whose width does not exceed 120 cm and is printed on one side only. For roll-up models wider than 120 cm or to be printed on both sides, we have prepared the Blockout 440 g material.

Replaceable roll up banner material

The aluminium cassette keeps the printed film protected and makes it easy to transport. Once your marketing or information campaign is over, you can easily replace the printed rollup film with a different one. When designing graphics, it is important to ensure that the message is attractive to the recipient and that the graphics are designed in accordance with the file preparation specifications provided for the relevant system.