Hand flags

Mini flag

Intended use

brand promotion carriers, gadgets used by fans during sports events


Polyester 115 g/m²

Printing technology




Material attestation



30 x 20 cm

Finish of material

cut to size + tunnel

Set includes

flag, plastic pole (41.5 cm)




vivid and saturated colours

Price from: 1,97 /pcs

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Mini flags for fans – an interesting and effective visual communication instrument

In a world where every detail means something, we offer a product, which allows you to manifest your beliefs, passions, or loyalties in an original and expressive manner – the mini flags for fans. Whether you want to show support for your favourite team, promote your brand, or simply add a little colour to your environment, our flags offer the perfect solution.

Mini flags – expressive top quality

The mini flags are made of 115 g/m² polyester, which guarantees that they can withstand intense use. Thanks to sublimation printing technology, the colours of our mini flags are vivid and saturated, maintaining their depth for a long time. Furthermore, the colours do not fade over time and the flags remain as expressive as they were on the day of their purchase.

Mini flag versatility

The mini flags are 30 x 20 cm, cut to size, and have a tunnel. Each mini flag comes with a 41.5 cm plastic pole for easy and safe use. Our mini flags are more than just gadgets for fans at sports events. They are also effective marketing instruments, which find application in brand promotion.

Mini flags – safe and universal

The offered material – 115 g/m² polyester – is B1-certified for flame resistance to comply with stadium policies and ensure safe use. Our mini flags make for excellent ornaments, which will add some character to all events. You can use the mini flags to express what is most important for you. Whether you want to support your favourite team, promote your brand, or just stand out in the crowd, our mini flags are the perfect way to manifest your beliefs in an expressive manner.

Let your colours do the talking – mini flags for fans

In conclusion, the mini flags are more than just a gadget. They can express your individuality, serve as an instrument of communication with the community, and demonstrate your top priorities. Let the mini flags talk for you in our colourful world. Let your colours do the talking!