Pallet covers

Pallet cover

Intended use

decorative and advertising, for EURO (EUR, EUR 1, EPAL) pallets with dimensions of 120 x 80 x 14.4 cm, ideal when selling from pallets


Polyester 210 g/m², Tent 280 g/m²

Printing technology





120 x 80 x 14,4 cm


indoor, outdoor


personalized print, saturated colours

Size after packaging

45 x 40 x 5 cm

Pallet covers available in our offer

Pallet cover indoor

Pallet cover - Indoor - Labo Print

Polyester 210 g/m²




economical material

Price from: 22,00 /pcs

Pallet cover outdoor

Pallet cover - Outdoor - Labo Print - Printing house

Tent 280 g/m²


indoor, outdoor



Price from: 39,00 /pcs

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Materials for pallet covers available in our offer

Polyester 210 g/m² pallet cover

The 210 gsm Polyester cover is most commonly used on pallets that are located inside facilities. The fabric itself has a slightly elastic structure, so there is no problem in applying it to the pallet. The sublimation print is permanent and the colours are saturated.

Tent 260 g/m² pallet cover

The 260 gsm Tent material is waterproof and is therefore recommended for pallet covers that are placed outside. The cover will protect the pallet itself from rain and moisture. Printing using sublimation technology ensures excellent colour reproduction.

Printed pallet covers protectors are another product in our range with a decorative and advertising function. They turn inconspicuous pallet covers, which protect the pallets, into an additional advertising surface. The pallets themselves are increasingly being used as a place-surface for product presentation or as a decorative element at outdoor bars or clubs.

Printed pallet cover

The surface of pallet cover can be fully printed. We do this using the sublimation method, so the print is clear and the colours are saturated, plus they are resistant to external weather conditions. We print the design on the pallet cover according to the concept prepared by our customers. The print can contain additional information about the production, present its functionalities, options. It is also advisable to include a logo, company or website address, QR code leading to a website. Our sales department will be happy to answer any questions regarding the details of your project. Our pallet cover are sized to fit standard Europallets – their size is 120 x 80 x 14.4 cm. Printed pallet cover are sure to attract the attention of potential customers, in addition to which the cover itself can be exchanged as many times as required, thus adapting the information presented on the pallet to the nature of the event.

Use of pallet cover

Pallet cover work well in retail chains or in the horticultural industry, where products are sold directly from pallets. They are also a way of aesthetically displaying goods at events. Pallets with covers help to easily create a display area, or they can be used to create platforms or sales ramps, or for interior decoration. Pallets are used at shows or in catering – as seating or tables. Before buying a cover, it is worth considering where the pallet with the printed hood will be placed. We offer two types of material, which are chosen depending on whether the pallets will be displayed indoors or outdoors.