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The commercial tent with personalised printing is a functional advertising medium and at the same time an express roofing. On the one hand, it divides the space, protects from precipitation and even from wind and allows you to create an interior for meetings with customers. On the other hand, it is an advertising medium with a large surface area on which we can print individual graphics. The sales tent is certainly an indispensable element of most events, especially those held outdoors.

Tents – with and without walls

We offer tents in any configuration, they can be with just a roof without walls or with a roof and any number of high or low walls. The three most popular tent sizes are available in our assortment, you have the choice of a 3 x 3 m, 3 x 4.5 m and 3 x 6 m. Not sure which size to choose? It all depends on how much space you need and, above all, how much area you have available for the tent.

Regardless of whether you choose, we can print your image both on the roof and on the walls. A tent with printed graphics, e.g. with your logo, will be visible from a distance, thus increasing your company’s visibility and making it easy for customers to find you.

Which tent to choose?

When choosing a tent it is worth taking into consideration the location and duration of the exhibition, the graphic message you want to present, as well as the weather conditions. Protection from the wind can be a key argument when choosing a model with walls. A merchandise tent without walls will certainly work well for summer fairs and events, preferably in a sheltered area. We recommend this option if you want to have an access to the tent from all sides.

When choosing the size of your tent, consider how you want to arrange the interior, how much space you need for this and, most importantly, how much space you have available for you. The latter can determine your choice, because space is usually limited when renting place.

Personalised graphics for your sales tent

Our tent is covered with fabric with personalised graphics. We print the graphics using the sublimation method on special Tent 280 g/m² material. You can use any number of colours from the CMYK colour palette in your graphic design for printing. The print is durable, so you can use the tent for many seasons. You also have the option of ordering additional material with a different graphic, which you can use alternatively for the same tent frame.

Trade tent – a product not only for trade fairs and events

Depending on their size, sales tents weigh between 29 kg and 47 kg, so they can be easily transported to a wide range of events and trade fairs. They are ideal for temporary outdoor events (e.g. sporting competitions, festivals, corporate events), as a seasonal catering outlet or as an outdoor retail outlet. Trade tents are also sometimes used as stands inside trade fair halls. Due to the ease of transport and assembly, they can be used temporarily, even for just a few days, but there is also nothing to prevent their use for a longer period of time, e.g. as a permanent point of sale.

Trade tents ready for use

When ordering our sales tent, you receive a complete product. The kit includes the tent structure and the printed fabric, as well as the mounting accessories. The kit includes:

  • aluminium structure
  • printed fabric (for roof and walls – depending on which configuration you choose)
  • pins with straps
  • transport bag
  • rubber hammer for assembly

What sets our sales tents apart?

Undoubtedly the aluminium construction, easy assembly and high print quality. A tent based on an aluminium construction is not as heavy as a steel construction, making it easier to transport and set up. This is quite important, especially for temporary events, when you set up the tent for several days or even just for one day and change location frequently. In addition to the kit, you can buy an additional stabilizations of the tent to make them more stable.

Combine the sales tent with other ad carriers

The sales tent is at the same time an advertising medium and also functions as an area canopy and space divider. Due to its size, it is visible from a distance and helps to increase company or brand recognition. In order to reinforce the message, it is worth thinking about and arranging its internal and external space. If you care about visibility from afar, we suggest using advertising flags, available in various shapes and sizes. A stowaway Sandwich display and a free-standing wall can also be used to attract attention. When organising events, garlands or seating such as deckchairs or director’s chairs are useful.

The interior of the tent can be arranged in any way you like, and there is plenty of choice. Advertising walls and roll-ups work well to enhance the interior. It’s also worth considering a functional solution, such as a Yuka counter, which works well as a counter or cardboard stands, providing space for displaying products and advertising materials. We encourage you to familiarise yourself with our range, you will certainly find something to suit your needs.

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