Personalised bag

Intended use

Can be used as a bag, to carry the product, and for advertising/marketing purposes


E wave

Printing technology

digital print


0,2 kg

External dimensions

35 x 11 x 35 cm

Size after packaging

50 x 50 x 2 cm


Optional print inside the box, practical, convenient carrying handle made of jute rope

ECO Bags available in our offer


ECO Bag White - Point of sale displays - Labo Print
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Print Color


Price from: 4,57 /pcs


ECO Bag Black - Point of sale displays - Labo Print
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Print Color


Price from: 3,68 /pcs

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Personalised bag – ECO Bag – an advertising bag with print

The ECO Bag is a promotional bag made of high quality triple wall corrugated cardboard, which is both strong and light. Thanks to the natural materials like the jute rope handle, the cardboard bags are both biodegradable and eco-friendly, making it the perfect choice for everyone living ecologically. The promotional bag is not just a practical piece of packaging, but also an effective advertising instrument.

The cardboard l bags are perfect for various happenings such as fairs, events, conferences, or souvenirs for guests. Thanks to the customised print, your brand will be more visible and the bag itself will stand out as well.

Carrying the Personalised bag – ECO Bag in comfort

The cardboard ECO Bags have a strong and convenient handle, which makes it easy to carry the contents. You will receive the bag flat ready for assembly – no worries, everything is very simple and intuitive.

Personalised bag – ECO Bag – print personalisation and quality

The bag’s graphics should be designed with consideration of the target of the message placed on the cardboard. The packaging graphics may refer to the offer, display the logo, or demonstrate current promotions.

The cardboard bags are printed digitally to guarantee durability and an aesthetic appearance. Our offer includes two options of print on grey cardboard: standard black print as the budget solution or premium white print. Very few companies offer this option for your tailor-made customised graphics and we are among them.

Note the differences – the Personalised bags – ECO Bags mean:

  • Ecology: Made of completely biodegradable and recycled materials. Say goodbye to plastic and choose a conscious trend!
  • Durability: Don’t be fooled by the light design! The promotional ECO Bag can easily handle your groceries, books, or laptop and will never fail you.
  • Versatility: Perfect to take shopping, to school, or even to a get-together with friends. Its capacity and universal design make it perfect for all lifestyles.
  • Personalisation: Create your own unique design to make the bag even more individualised.

Promotional bag – where style meets ecology

Don’t hesitate, take advantage of the promotional ECO Bag with custom print to show that you care about your brand and the environment. Choose ecology, style, and convenience. Order yours today and see how easy it is to promote your company while caring for our planet.