Airtex Greyback

Fabric banner

Intended use

Interior decoration (e.g. to replace wallpaper), printed fabric for roll-ups, advertising banners and wall flags


320 g/m²

Printing technology

UV, latex

Print resolution

1000 dpi

Available widths of materials

3,20 m, 5,00 m

Material attestation


Finish of material

cut to size, cut to size + eyelets, keder, Tunnel, Tunnel around, Velcro


durable, grey reverse, textile fabric

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Finishes available

Airtex Greyback - Cut to size Cut to size
Airtex Greyback - Cut to size + eyelets Cut to size + eyelets
Airtex Greyback - Velcro Velcro
Airtex Greyback - Tunnel Tunnel
Airtex Greyback - Tunnel around Tunnel around
Airtex Greyback - Tunnel Omega Tunnel Omega
Airtex Greyback - Keder Keder
Personalized banner finishing - Labo Print Custom

Fabric banner Airtex Greyback is a banner material with a textile-like surface. Its characteristic feature is the gray back.

Fabric banner Airtex Greyback – a material with a textile finish

Fabric banner Airtex Greyback is a lightweight polyester fabric, enriched with a PVC coating. It has a good quality and durability. The surface of the material has a textile structure, the effect is also felt to the touch. Such structure makes Airtex Greyback looking like a luxury product and very elegant.

What are the features of fabric banner Airtex Greyback?

The material has slightly shiny front – on which is printout – and a gray back. Fabric banner Airtex Greyback is resistant to UV radiation, thanks to which the colors do not fade when exposed to the sun. The gray back of the material prevents the other backgound to bleed through to the other side . This is of special importance when we applied the Airtex Greyback on the already arranged surface- we do not have to prepare it.

Another important advantage is that fabric banner Airtex Greyback has B1 and B2 certificates. Having these norms enable the material to be used during trade fairs, conferences, and presentations – wherever the products must have relevant safety standards.

Where can fabric banner Airtex Greyback be used?

The Airtex material has a gray undercoat, which is perfect for visually correcting of small imperfections on the walls. It is very often used in the same way as wallpaper. It can be aslo used on the walls of trade fairs and promotional stands. Properly selected graphics printed on the Airtex Greyback can completely change the interior of a store or office. The Airtex material is waterproof, so it can be used inside and outside.