Polymer foil

Polymer vinyl

Printing technology

UV, latex, Solvent HR, UV flat


80 μ

Print resolution

1440 dpi

Maximum material width

1,52 m

Finish of material

cut to shape, cut to size


durable film

Intended use

surfaces with large embossing

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Polymeric foils available in our offer

Polymer foil with gloss laminate

The use of a laminate extends the life of the film more. The laminate additionally protects the print from scratches and provides a smooth surface finish. The laminate extends the lifespan of the print, the colours remain clear and saturated for longer. The laminate extends the life of the film by an additional 2 years on average.

Polymer foil with matt laminate

Lightly diffuses incident light. The product is suitable for areas exposed to strong external influences such as sunlight or wind. Printing on the polymer film is carried out using solvent technology. Please note that the surface on which the polymer film is to be applied must be completely dry and cleaned of dust and grease.

Polymer foil without a laminate

Polymer vinyl works best for medium-term exposures. This popular material is used for short-term campaigns. A common use of polymer film is for wrapping car components where the surface of the car body has a slight embossing. This material is more flexible compared to monomeric film and is therefore much easier to apply. Under the influence of temperature, polymer film plasticises significantly and can be lightly formed.

Polymer vinyl – the most common applications

Polymer vinyl is used for:

  • creating advertising on vehicles with light body embossing;
  • wrapping slightly curved surfaces on cars – side doors, bonnet;
  • medium-term advertising in places where there is an intensive exposure to UV radiation;
  • billboards and signs;
  • trade fair stand arrangements.

Polymer vinyl is not suitable for surfaces with deep embossing, curves and concaves. In the case of such surfaces, cast film should be used. Polymer film is available with the following adhesives:

  • permanent;
  • easy-to-remove – makes the film easy to apply and easy to remove from a variety of surfaces;
  • channelled – significantly speeds up the installation of the film and its application, eliminates the formation of air bubbles underneath it, particularly recommended for applications on vehicles.

The polymer vinyl can be provided with a grey or black adhesive layer. This is used when the surface under the film looks unsightly and you want to mask it.