3D letters

3D letters

Intended use

company signboard, internal decoration, logotype, e.g. in the service industry, shopping mall, catering industry


Dibond, plexi board, PVC



Light colour

6500 – 7500 K

Light beam angle

up to 175 degrees

Depth of letters

4 cm, 6 cm, 8 cm, 10 cm, 12 cm

Sides colour

Standard colours available, RAL colors at an extra charge


advertising & decoration, draws attention, the possibility of using different lighting colours and the flashing effect, visibility

Important information

The product is priced individually

3D letters are becoming increasingly popular and are very interesting. This type of advertising is definitely replacing the commonly used advertising signs made on panels. This is probably due to the high visual attractiveness of this solution and the aesthetics of made.

The possibility of placing 3D letters in space makes them easily noticeable. Three-dimensional letters with our brand name placed above the entrance to a shop, pharmacy, office or catering premises will add prestige and elegance to our business. When deciding on the implementation of our sign in the form of 3D letters, it is worth considering the use of additional backlighting of the elements, which will make our advertisement perfectly visible also at night.

What shapes of 3D letters are possible?

We are able to produce almost any letter with a 3D effect. The only important aspect when designing is to maintain the minimum formats of each element. The minimum distance between the walls of each letter is 4 cm, which is a guarantee of the aesthetics and quality of the final product.

Illuminated 3D letters

Advertising signs realised in the form of 3D letters are becoming increasingly popular among our customers. This form of presentation is very aesthetically pleasing and looks modern, which has a proportionate effect on how our brand will ultimately be perceived by current and potential customers.
The 3D letters can be additionally illuminated. This element will make your sign visible not only during the day, but also at night. We have three options available as standard: illuminating the letters from the front, from the back or both at the same time. Each method produces a completely different visual effect, so it is worth considering which will be most suitable for you before making a decision. Among other things, it is important to consider where our signage will be placed. An additional element that can be used in advertising signs letters are twilight sensors. Thanks to them, we do not have to remember to activate the lighting when it gets dark. When the light intensity is at its minimum level, the sensors send information to the central unit, which causes the lighting to be switched on. When the letters are mounted to the wall, the sensors can be attached separately.

The 3D letters can be illuminated with led strips with a colour range of 6500 – 7500 Kelvin, the lower the ratio, the warmer the light. What colour of light we use should depend on where our sign will be placed, whether in an enclosed space such as a trade fair, shopping centres or outside a building. There are a number of elements that should be taken into account to make our signage visible, these include: the proximity of other signs, the form of lighting in the room, the colour of our logo.

3D letters glowing from the front - Labo Print 3D letters glowing from the front - Printing house
3D letters illuminated from the back - Labo Print 3D letters illuminated from the back - Printing house
Front + back
3D letters - front and rear lighting - Labo Print 3D letters - front and rear lighting - Printing house

What materials are 3D letters made of?

We offer a wide range of materials from which we can realise your order for 3D letters. Which solution you can use depends on the final effect you are looking for. For illuminated signage, we primarily use Plexiglas, which is a board that transmits and diffuses light on its surface. Plexiglas has a milky colour as a standard, but can be printed or covered with coloured film to produce a different colour.

The use of an aluminium composite panel with a brushed silver surface is ideal for applications where an exclusive end result is particularly important. This solution is often used in the production of 3D letters for beauty salons and spa centres. Other materials used for the production of 3D letters in our offer include Dibond, PVC, Foamed PVC. All of these materials can be combined with each other to obtain the desired effect. You are welcome to consult our sales department to discuss the target desired result you are interested in, select the appropriate solutions and present an offer.

How can the 3D letters be finished?

The way in which the letters are finished is done at the customer’s request. However, there are elements that determine the option that can be used. For very small or complex letters, it is suggested to use faced sides, which are suitable for precise and demanding finishes. When realising large 3D letters, customers often opt for curled sides, which look very precise and elegant, giving a stylish effect. Sides also differ in terms of thickness. The faced and curled ones are 0.6 mm thick and the flat and sharp ones are 0.8 mm thick.

3D letters - side faced - Labo Print
side faced
3D letters - side flat - Labo Print
side flat
3D letters - side sharp - Labo Print
side sharp
3D letters - side rolled - Labo Print
side rolled

What colours are available for the sides of 3D logo sign?

We have standard RAL colours available in our standard range. If you require a different colour, it is also possible to order RAL Classic colours, however, this extends the lead time.

3D letters - side - brushed gold - Labo Print
Gold brushed
3D letters - side - gold mirror - Labo Print
Gold mirror
3D letters - side RAL 1023 - Labo Print
RAL 1023
3D letters - side RAL 2004 - Labo Print
RAL 2004
3D letters - side RAL 3020 - Labo Print
RAL 3020
3D letters - side RAL 6029 - Labo Print
RAL 6029
3D letters - side RAL 5002 - Labo Print
RAL 5002
3D letters - side - matt RAL 9016 - Labo Print
Matt RAL 9016
3D letters - Side - glossy RAL 9016 - Labo Print
Gloss RAL 9016
3D letters - Side RAL 9006 - Labo Print
Gloss RAL 9006
3D letters - brushed silver side - Labo Print
Silver brushed
3D letters - silver mirror side - Labo Print
Silver mirror
3D letters - black side - Labo Print - Printing house
RAL 9005
3D letters - any color of the side - Labo Print

What are the mounting options for the 3D lettering?

3D letters can be mounted to the wall in 5 ways: directly to the wall, on an aluminium frame, on a Dibond board mounted on an aluminium frame, on a Dibond board mounted directly to the wall, or on a box made of Dibond. The solution to be used depends on the location of the display, the size of the overall 3D lettering sign and whether the letters are to be fitted with the option of backlighting.

Our sales staff will be happy to advise you on the most suitable solution.

3D illuminated letters are usually mounted directly to a wall or on an aluminium frame. In the former case, it is necessary to lead a cable to the place where each letter is mounted in order to illuminate the element. In the case of presentation on an aluminium frame, the cables are hidden in the system and only one cable connection point is required. Power supplies are fitted in the case of letters on Dibond boxes, or can be attached at the customer’s request in the case of other mounting variants. Boxes and boards made of Dibond are produced in one of the Didond board colours available as standard. It is possible to print these elements in any colour or motif. Before deciding how our 3D letters are to be mounted, a careful consideration should be given to the location of the display. You need to pay attention to what the wall is made of, whether it can be interfered with, whether it is possible to bring out the connection for the backlighting and whether any additional permits are required.

3d letters assemble to a dibond - Labo Print
3D letters assemble on a dibond box - Labo Print
dibond box
3d letters assemble to dibond and alu rail - Labo Print
dibond + alu rail
3D letters on the aluminum rail - Labo Print
alu rail
3D letters assemble to the wall - Labo Print
directly to the surface
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3D letters are illuminated spatial elements. They are composed of individual elements attached to the installation material. The letters can come as an exterior wall signboard (in the form of the company name or logo), interior wall advertising (e.g. designation of shop sections) or in the form of a free-standing signboard (e.g. as a decoration during a party). Owing to the backlight and original appearance, 3D letters attract attention. Therefore, they are an advertising and decoration at the same time.

3D letters – order processing time

We encourage you to check the visualisation of the side finishes and RAL colour system. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.
When placing your order, please bear in mind that the price certainly depends on the number of letters, the size (in the case of dimension, the length of the longest side matters), the depth. You can even buy a single 3D element. Orders are processed in a short time (even 3 working days).