Magnetic foil

Magnetic sheets

Printing technology

UV flat


0,70 mm

Print resolution

1000 dpi

Maximum material width

1,00 m

Finish of material

cut to shape, cut to size


easy assembly and disassembly, flexibility, permanent magnet properties, reusable

Intended use

advertising on the car

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Magnetic sheets is an advertising medium that can be easily mounted and dismounted. It has the properties of a magnet and is additionally flexible. It is made up of ferromagnetic filings (characterised by magnetic properties). One side of the film attracts like a magnet to steel, iron, magnetic and ferromagnetic surfaces, while the other side is printed. It can be applied internally as well as externally. Printed magnetic film is most often used as advertising for cars. The adhesion to the bodywork is so strong that the foil does not fall off the car even in everyday use.

Magnetic sheets from Labo Print

The magnetic sheets is printed with a resolution of 1000 dpi using UV technology. Magnetic advertising is resistant to weathering. It is a completely removable material – it does not damage surfaces and does not leave marks.

Magnetic sheets – most common applications

Magnetic sheets works best in places where it is important to quickly remove an advertisement or notice board. It can most often be found as:

  • advertising on a car that is used simultaneously for private and business purposes;
  • an information board on a front door or as a replacement for permanent signs;
  • taxi signage;
  • warehouse and rack markings;
  • teaching aid in schools and kindergartens;
  • decoration for fridges or dishwashers.

Magnetic sheets – advantages

Magnetic advertising can be used repeatedly at different times and places. It’s really easy to remove. Magnetic foil is not susceptible to corrosion.

Advertising on a car – what should be kept in mind?

  • The surface on which the advertisement is to be mounted on the car should be flat, without any curves.
  • Before mounting it, the car should be washed so that there is no dirt on it.
  • When washing the car, the magnetic film should be removed and the surface thoroughly dried before reinstalling it.
  • It is good practice to remove the magnetic film periodically to protect the bodywork from moisture and dirt.