Light Textile Blockout

Blockout fabric

Intended use

Indoor advertisement, interior decoration, display and exhibition systems


320 g/m²

Printing technology

UV flat



Material attestation

B1, M1

Maximum material width

3,10 m

Finish of material

cut to size, sewn in reinforcing tape + eyelets, stitched edges, Tunnel


High quality 100% polyester textile, pleasant to touch, PVC FREE, excellent colour intensity, fabric dedicated for two-sided printing

Light Textile Blockout variants available in our offer

One-sided Textile Blockout light

One-sided Textile Blockout - Printing house

Price from: 22,00 /m2

Two-sided Textile Blockout light

Two-sided Textile Blockout - Printing house

Price from: 24,00 /m2

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Finishes available

Cut to size Cut to size
Stitched edges Stitched edges
Sewn in reinforcing tape + eyelets Sewn in reinforcing tape + eyelets
Tunnel Tunnel

Blockout fabric light is a polyester material with grammage of 320 g/m² dedicated mainly for two-sided printing. The material prevents the graphics from showing through as it has a black separator between two layers of white vinyl, which means that you can print a different layout on each side.

Blockout fabric light with two-sided print

We print the fabric mainly with the UV FLAT printing technology. Blockout fabric light presents lively CMYK colours and perfectly reconstructed details, which means that the themes are just as saturated and evenly printed regardless of the side.

The presence of the separator determines not only the option of two-sided customisation, but also ensures that the elements placed behind the material do not show through. Blockout fabric light for large areas where you can display both graphics and it can also serve as the perfect one-sided advertisement covering up a structure or the elements behind it. In such situations, the material can be printed on either one or both sides with consideration of the temporary nature of the display of individual messages. The two-sided printed area and opaqueness make light an attractive marketing material.

Blockout fabric light with advertising print

In this form, the polyester fabric appears at e.g. fairs, where it is important to minimise the quantity of carriers for reasons of mobility, economy, and practicality. Our material can hold a higher volume of graphics, which means that it can act as two advertising carriers and allow for quick change of display. These are major advantages for both indoor and outdoor events as Blockout fabric light is suitable for both. We recommend that it be used in storefront or showroom windows or as suspended or freestanding banners in e.g. cinemas, theatres, museums, or art galleries.

This material is printed up to the maximum width of 155 or 310 cm. The size should serve as the point of reference for designing prints for the blockout fabric light as the appearance of the advertisement and perception of the message require legibility and appropriate proportions.

Possible forms of Blockout fabric light finishing

During the designing stage, you should also choose the fabric finishing. In this case, you should consider its purpose – the way it will be displayed. We offer cutting to size, tunnel finishing, hemming, and reinforcing with a belt and openings. The material also holds a flame resistance certificate, which is often required by the organisers of the biggest European fairs. If you are interested in other textiles, please see the specific products. Our consultants are always at your disposal.