About us

Initially, we were known as a large-format printing house, and today we are a leading brand in the advertising industry,  respected across the whole Europe.

The original offer of large-format prints on popular materials such as PVC mesh and PVC banners was enriched with advertising accessories, POS products, packaging, corrugated boxes, stands and displays, digital labels, paper cups and spatial letters with LED system. In a word…one place, many possibilities.

A wide range of services that we offer, as well as a responsible approach to production management, ensure the stability of employment of a team of the best specialists. Currently, over 350 employees assure that each production stage meets the highest standards, which translates into the satisfaction of current customers and a continuously growing community of new clients.

Permanent investments in the machine park and large stocks allow us to carry out orders that cannot be undertaken by our competitors. We are distinguished by the combination of short lead-times and the highest quality of services.

Since 2015, Labo Print has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange and we can be proud of a steady yearly growth in sales, which translates into complete transparency and stable development on the market.

Thank you for being with us
Labo Print Team