Fabric displays Yuka

Fabric display stands

Intended use

advertising: in a shop, showroom, at events and fairs; background: for conferences, for photos; decoration: in the living room, shop




Polyester 210 g/m²

Printing technology



M, L, XL



Set includes

"Spider" type frame, transport bag, Velcro-trimmed material


expressive colours, perfect reproduction of colours and details, permanent print, stability

Size after packaging

90 x 35 x 45 cm

Variants of fabric displays available in our offer

Fabric display Hop-up Yuka M

Wall Hop-up Yuka M - Printing house

230 x 230 x 30 cm

Safe area

215 x 220 x 26 cm

Price from: 237,00 /pcs

Fabric display Hop-up Yuka L

Wall Hop-up Yuka L - Printing house

304 x 229 x 30 cm

Safe area

289,5 x 219 x 26 cm

Price from: 260,50 /pcs

Fabric display Hop-up Yuka XL

Wall Hop-up Yuka XL - Printing house

379 x 229 x 30 cm

Safe area

365 x 219 x 26 cm

Price from: 419,00 /pcs

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The Hop-up Yuka fabric display stand is a convenient, portable advertising system that consists of an aluminium wall frame and fabric printed with any graphics. This type of wall can be placed anywhere, and what’s more, it is relatively lightweight and easy to assemble. We offer three wall sizes.

Use of a fabric display stand – advertising and aesthetics

The display wall is primarily intended for presenting an advertising message in a graphic form. It can be a part of decor of an interior or a fair stand. There is another useful function of exhibition walls, namely that they allow you to separate space inside where you can have conversations with customers and present your offer.

The use of this type of advertising system is very wide and- from advertising to decorative. A portable Hop-up exhibition wall can be a part of an advertising stand at brand events or a stand in a shopping centre, shop, beauty salon, fitness club, etc. The exhibition wall is personalised, you can print your own graphics, so it can be used in any situation and at any event.

Hop-up Yuka fabric display stands – available sizes

The Hop-up Yuka exhibition wall is available in three popular sizes: M, L and XL. Due to its rather large dimensions when unfolded, it stands out for its large print area, with the entire front of the wall and the left and right sides available. The dimensions of the graphic depend on the selected wall size.

Material and construction of the fabric display stands

The fabric display stands consists of a printed material and an aluminium structure. The most commonly used material is 210 g/m² polyester, on which prepared graphics are printed using the sublimation method. The one-piece aluminium construction makes the wall relatively lightweight and can be assembled by a single person. All you need to do is unfold the wall by stretching its structure and locking, and then place the fabric with printed graphics using the velcro.

Fabric display stands in a set

We supply our Hop-up Yuka exhibition walls in full sets. Each set includes:

  • one-piece folding wall frame
  • fabric with printed graphics
  • carrying bag

When folded and packed in the bag, the exhibition wall is convenient to transport. The dimensions of the entire advertising system after folding allow it to be transported even in the boot of a car.