Cardboard bins

Cardboard bin

Intended use

display of small products like cosmetics, sweets, and toys and promotional and sales offers


corrugated cardboard

Printing technology



access from all directions, easy to set up in traffic routes, easy assembly and disassembly, individual printing, semi-mat printing structure

Cardboard bins available in our offer

Cardboard bin 32,40 x 21,80 x 69,80 cm

Cardboard bin 32,4 x 21,8 x 69,8 - L04970 - Labo Print
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Corrugated cardboard, flute E

External dimensions

32,40 x 21,80 x 69,80 cm


0,75 g

Usable depth

27 cm

Size after packaging

100,00 x 51,00 x 3,00 cm

Price from: 7,40 /pcs

Cardboard bin 47,20 x 54 x 77,70 cm

Cardboard bin 47,20 x 54 x 77,70 - L00559 - Labo Print
Catalog number



corrugated cardboard, flute B, EB-flute

External dimensions

47,20 x 54,00 x 77,70 cm


2,50 kg

Usable depth

21 cm

Size after packaging

90,00 x 80,00 x 5,00 cm

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Price from: 28,12 /pcs

Cardboard bin 60,00 x 52,00 x 80,80 cm

Cardboard bin 60,5 x 52,5 x 81 - L04967 - Labo Print
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External dimensions

60,00 x 52,00 x 80,80 cm


4,70 kg

Usable depth

front: 20 cm, back: 30 cm

Size after packaging

118,00 x 96,00 x 5,00 cm

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Price from: 23,02 /pcs

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Cardboard bins provide the opportunity to display and store a considerable amount of small objects. They are perfect to display the promotional or sales offers of the given manufacturer or chain – e.g. sweets, cosmetics, or toys. They are also very practical. Their shape makes it possible to access the product from all directions. They are also short, so pulling something out of them is easy.

Cardboard bin customisation

Cardboard bins can be printed over with customised graphics. This is how you can make your offer stand out with the format and graphics. You can order as little as one item and every copy will be customised. You can pick a printed advertising carrier and design your marketing message. The aesthetic print offers decorative attributes and encourages purchases. The graphics – made in UV technology – will attract the client. Thanks to colour saturation and excellent contour reconstruction, cardboard bins look very nice. The semi-matte print structure produces an excellent visual effect, which means that there is no need for coating or lamination.

Cardboard bin types

Our bins come in three versions. The advertising carriers have different shapes, sizes, and durability. The form is a hexagon-based prism.

Cardboard bin durability

Depending on the selected project, cardboard bins are made of corrugated cardboard E, B, or EB. The raw materials are adapted to the sizes and purposes of the bins, which can display and hold products of a considerable total weight, up to even 10-15 kg. The durable material goes hand in hand with fast assembly. We ship them out glued together but folded flat, which means that they can quickly and easily be set up in the target location and are safe and inexpensive to transport. They are the perfect solution for e.g. short promotional campaigns. Cardboard bins need little storage space and the structure is light and easy to carry or transport.

Choose the perfect cardboard bin

The bins can be used as display units in shopping outlets or at fairs or events. When it comes to outdoor campaigns, the weather conditions need to be taken account for. Cardboard bins make great advertisement outside, promotional, and sales. Carriers can also be used in commercial chains or outlets, at fairs, and at events – with consideration of the weather conditions. They can be set up e.g. next to cash registers or in traffic routes. Due to the large printing area, they are also excellent marketing tools.

Cardboard bin quantity discounts

The digital printing company offers customised cardboard bins in quantity starting from as little as one. Bigger orders mean bigger savings. We offer attractive discounts, which means that you can fit advertising carriers within the budget of all campaigns.