Counter Yuka

Folding counter

Intended use

perfect for commercial, promotional and event purposes

Print material

Blackback PRO


aluminium tubular construction

Printing technology


External dimensions

100 x 100 x 35 cm


11,60 kg

Set includes

bag, counter


foldable structure, incl. Shelf, lightweight and durable, mobile, personalization

Size after packaging

20 x 46 x 110 cm

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The folding counter Yuka is the ideal piece of equipment for any trade fair stand or information desk at outdoor events.

The folding counter Yuka is very easy to assemble. After taking the system out of the carrying bag, simply stretch its structure and install the graphics using velcro. Folding is very easy, requires no additional tools and can be done by one person. The stand has a top in black colour and an additional shelf where frequently used and helpful items can be placed.

Advertising folding counter Yuka – advertising element

A printout is mounted on the folding counter Yuka, on which you can place graphics which match your trade fair stand, office interior or sales hall. This surface can be an excellent idea to noteworthy the most important information we have to pass to the customer. On the fairs the company present the offer at the counter, so anything you put on it sure to be noticed.

The advertising folding counter Yuka is a reliable promotional system

The folding counter Yuka is a solution that will prove its worth at more than one trade fair or promotional event. The system itself can be used repeatedly. Fitting a new print is very easy and can be done quickly. By owning a Yuka advertising stand, you are actually investing in the system once, and the next time you need to use it, you simply order the print itself or use the one you already have.

This product is versatile. It can be placed on a trade fair stand, in a tent during sports and cultural events, it can stand as an information desk, in sales halls as a tasting stand.

The folding counter Yuka system comes with a convenient carry bag. When the trade fair or promotion is over, it can be quickly folded up and stowed away. The bag is useful for carrying, transporting and storing the system.

The weight of the advertising stand is not high at 11.60 kg. This is a great advantage if we have presentations scheduled only for several hours.