Polyester Long Life

Printed flags

Intended use

Beachflags, flags on the mast


120 g/m²

Printing technology




Print resolution

2400 dpi

Maximum material width

3,2 m

Material attestation



Light, resistant to tearing, durable thanks to the special weave, edges do not fray when cut

Finish of material

cut to size, eyelets in the corners, sewn in reinforcing tape + eyelets, stitched edges, Tunnel

Price from: 5,25 /m2

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Polyester Long Life – printed flags with increased strength

Polyester Long Life is a textile, which is exceptionally strong and versatile. Thanks to the special fabric weave, the product is superior to standard polyester when it comes to resistance to tearing and physical damage. The 120 g/m² material is very light, yet strong and perfect for various applications, from printed flags for masts to beachflags and other advertising products.

Advanced sublimation print on printed flags

To make Polyester Long Life, we use 2400 dpi sublimation printing technology. Sublimation is a way to mark polyester materials, which sees the graphics penetrate the structures of the material in a lasting and impalpable manner to ensure the print is resistant to repeated machine washing. This technology excellently reconstructs colourful images and graphics and makes our product the perfect choice for expressive and strong advertising prints on e.g. printed flags.

Versatile applicability of Polyester Long Life

Polyester Long Life is designed for various applications. As it is very light and strong, it is perfect for beachflags and printed flags. The maximum width of the material is 3.2 metres, which is sufficient for large and spectacular advertising designs. Thanks to the sharp-cut finishing, the material’s edges do not fray to ensure an aesthetic appearance and long lifespan.

Printed flags – finishing and personalisation

We offer various material finishing options, including cutting to size, hem around, hem and eyelets, eyelets in corners, and pole pockets. This means that every design can be adapted to the individual needs of the customers. Our material is also B1-certified, which means that it fulfils strict safety standards and can be used in public places.

Printed flags – the perfect choice for demanding customers

Polyester Long Life is the perfect choice for customers looking for a durable, strong, and versatile material to make special printed flags. It is very light and resistant to tearing. Its graphics are of high quality, making it indispensable in the advertising industry. Whether you need a printed flag, beachflag, or other advertising products, Polyester Long Life will guarantee an impeccable appearance and long lifespan.

Polyester Long Life – printed flags

In conclusion, polyester Long Life is an innovative fabric, which combines lightness, durability, and versatility. Thanks to the advanced sublimation printing technology, the material can be printed with durable and expressive graphics resistant to repeated machine washing. The special fabric weave and different finishing options make Polyester Long Life the perfect choice for everyone looking for top print quality and durability for their printed flags.

Take advantage of our offer and test the exceptional properties of Polyester Long Life for yourself. We guarantee that it will satisfy all your expectations and become an irreplaceable element of your advertising projects.