Car flags

Car flag

Intended use

brand promotion carriers, gadgets used by fans during sports events


Polyester 115 g/m²

Printing technology




Material attestation



40 x 30 cm

Finish of material

cut to size + tunnel

Set includes

flag, plastic mast (51 cm)




easy to install on the car, vivid and saturated colours

Price from: 2,73 /pcs

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Car flag – stand out in the crowd

Car flags are designed for everyone who wants to stand out in the crowd, both during sports events and for advertising purposes. Our flags are the perfect way to show support for your favourite team or to effectively promote your brand in urban space and on the road. Thanks to the top quality materials and print, every flag looks special and draws attention.

Car flag material and safety certificate

Our car flags are made of 115 g/m² polyester to guarantee durability and resistance to weather conditions. This material is not only lightweight but also tough, which means the flags will withstand high speeds. Our flags are also B1-certified for flame resistance to confirm that they are safe and fulfil top quality standards.

Car flag – printing technology

Thanks to sublimation printing technology, we can produce vivid and saturated colours, which do not fade from sunrays. The CMYK colour printing palette ensures accurate reproduction of designs, including intricate graphics and logos, to turn our flags into an excellent marketing instrument.

Car flag finishing and installation

The flags are 40 x 30 cm, both visible and compact enough to not disturb the driving. The flags are finished with precision – cut to size with a mast tunnel – to guarantee exceptional presentation and easy installation on the car.
Each car flag comes with a 51 cm plastic mast, which keeps the flag stable even at higher speeds. The flag is easy to install on the car – the installation process does not require any additional tools.

Car flag properties

Our flags feature a classic rectangular shape, which is both universal and easily recognisable. Thanks to the top quality materials and printing technology, our flags are both durable and highly aesthetic. The vivid colours and expressive graphics ensure visibility for every brand and make it possible for fans to proudly display their team’s colours.

Car flag functionality

Car flags combine a quality design, attractive appearance, and functionality. They are an excellent choice for both businesses looking to increase their visibility and fans who want to show support for their favourite teams. Every flag attracts attention and is remembered by both potential customers and other people on the road.