Modular stands

Racks for supermarket

Intended use

internal trade stands, product display


corrugated cardboard

Printing technology



durable and aesthetic, option of printing a different graphical theme on each module and individual customisation of the stand and module count to products, quick replenishment of rotating products

Modular stands available in our offer

Modular stand 30 x 40 x 166 cm

Rack for supermarket - 30 x 40 x 166 cm - Labo Print
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cardboard B + E + EB

External dimensions

30 x 40 x 166 cm

Max shelf load

10 kg


5 kg

Size after packaging

123 x 98 x 4 cm

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Price from: 42,54 /pcs

Modular stand 60 x 40 x 155 cm

Rack for supermarket - 60 x 40 x 155 cm - Labo Print
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cardboard EB + B

External dimensions

60 x 40 x 155 cm

Max shelf load

15 kg


7 kg

Size after packaging

154 x 106 x 4 cm

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Price from: 67,27 /pcs

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Racks for supermarkets – a unique way to display products

Racks for supermarkets are excellent elements of display systems in stores, shopping centres, or fairs. They can be used to display products or for decorative purposes. The modular racks are also perfect for companies looking to make their store image more professional. The modular design makes it possible to fit and adapt the rack to your assortment and space. Racks for supermarkets are suitable for both small and large display areas.

Top quality materials

Racks for supermarkets are made of high quality corrugated cardboard, which is exceptionally durable and rigid to make the displays aesthetic and stable. Depending on the product weight and load, we can choose from version B for lighter products (up to 10 kg) or EB for heavier ones (up to as much as 15 per module). All modules can have different graphics thanks to UV printing, which allows for full customisation and makes the stand a part of the brand’s visual identification. The UV print technology produces lively colours and reconstructs details faithfully. It is also more resistant to scratches, fading, and moisture.

Properties of racks for supermarkets

Racks for supermarkets have numerous attributes, which make them perfect for companies who want to have products visible in store or window displays. The modules can be printed with different graphics, which means that they can be adapted to various product categories. The modular design ensures considerable flexibility when it comes to arranging the display space. You can configure the module number and layout as you please to form various shapes and sizes and display both individual products and entire assortment lines. You can change graphics and add stock with ease and convenience. Racks for supermarkets are available in two external sizes – 30 x 40 x 166 cm and 60 x 40 x 155 cm.

Racks for supermarkets – flexibility and functionality

Modular racks made of cardboard B and cardboard EB are an interesting solution for companies who want to make their products stand out among their competition. They make it possible to set up indoor retail stands attractive to customers easily and quickly. They are durable and aesthetic and the UV print technology makes it possible to customise each module individually. You can quickly replenish fast-moving goods so your customers have access to the full product offer at all times. Modular racks come in two default sizes so you can adapt them to the standard dimensions of your store. You can customise them individually to the dimensions of specific products or retail space.