Personalised deck chairs

Intended use

as a seat, decoration and advertising medium, perfect on the beach, in city gardens, at events, beach bars, in private spaces

Print material

Decor 240 g/m²


wooden frame

Printing technology




Visible graphics format

43 x 115 cm


5,20 kg

Set includes

wooden frame, Decor 240 g/m² with print (print is packed separately)


material can be changed, Material waschbar, personalized print, waterproof

Size after packaging

130 x 60 x 12 cm

Important information

Additional charge for mounting the print on the deckchair – € 2.00/pcs

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A personalised deck chairs is not only an ideal product for sitting and relaxing, but also an idea for an interesting form of advertising for your company. Printed deck chairs are a product that is becoming increasingly popular. It is an excellent alternative to traditional forms of advertising.

High quality personalised deck chairs

The personalised deck chairs consists of a frame made of raw, light-coloured wood and Decor fabric of 240g/m². The structure has metal fittings that connect the wooden parts. Decor is a strong fabric with a canvas-like texture, and the graphics on it have beautiful and saturated colours. The format of the graphic visible on the deckchair is 0.43 x 1.15 m, so the content presented can have large elements and will be visible even from long distances, which is important especially at outdoor events and trade fairs.

The installation of the fabric with graphics is very simple and fast. The deckchair frame is reusable and the graphics placed on it can be changed depending on promotional needs. The Decor material with graphics can be easily removed from the structure and washed, so it can always be clean and aesthetically pleasing. The design of the deckchair is very comfortable. The system is easy to assemble and disassemble, folds up easily and can be transported or moved and stored without problems.

Personalised deck chairs: an interesting way to advertise your business

A deckchair is associated with relaxation and evokes positive associations. A printed deckchair is not only an ideal product for sitting and relaxing, but also a gift idea for our employees and customers. Personalised deck chairs can be used as a promotional or marketing element for your company. They are used at outdoor events, trade fairs, promotional campaigns or as an office accessory. Printed deckchairs can also be used for marketing purposes – e.g. for an advertising campaign. Thanks to the printed deckchairs, your company will be noticed and its recognisability among existing and potential customers will increase.

The product is used in public and private spaces. It is a permanent fixture in event venues, beach gardens and open-air cinemas. The graphics placed on sun beds can be varied. Customers often choose very clean and simple compositions – logo + product, but also very colourful and with lots of elements, e.g. colourful background, logo, slogan, multiple products. It is popular to include funny sentences, pictures of loved ones or pets.

When designing graphics, always read the instructions for preparing the files. It is important to follow the rules so that the end result is satisfactory. Logos and the most relevant information should not be located in the sewing areas of the material. Communication should be tailored to the target audience. The message and content should be clear and understandable.

Where can a personalised deckchairs be used?

Printed personalised deck chairs are an excellent idea for designing a relaxation area at trade fairs, events or conferences. They can also be used to furnish catering gardens, playgrounds and festivals. They are also perfect for special events such as weddings, christenings and birthdays. Any graphic design can be placed on the print, thanks to which the whole event can have a coherent character, carefully designed with the cohesion of every detail.

The printed deckchair allows for an interesting use of space. Thanks to it, even in an urban space it is possible to create a beach corner, where you can sit, drink a tasty coffee or eat an exotic dessert. Appropriately designed graphics will put customers in a holiday mood. A printed deckchair can be placed with hammocks, director’s chairs or a cocoon swing. For a display or relaxation area in a shopping centre, it is also worth using youthful bean bags, Cube-X and also printed cushions. A coherent combination of deckchairs with other decorative products will help to arrange a unique atmosphere to the space.

Why you should order a printed deckchair from our company?

Not only do we guarantee fast turnaround times, but also the excellent quality of the construction and the material with graphics. In our company, we carry out orders starting from one piece. A printed deckchair is not only a comfortable seat, but also an advertising medium on which you can place promotional graphics.

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