Human stands

Human cardboard cutouts

Intended use

holiday displays, fairs, sports competitions, social campaigns


EB-flute/Corrugated cardboard

Printing technology



shape and print personalisation, attracts customers, semi-matte print structure, folds quickly, stable support in the back with size adapted individually to the size of the stand prepared according to the customers outline/file (contour cut lines)

Variants of human stands available in our offer

Human stand – small

Kartonowe postacie - Mała - Labo Print
Exemplary catalogue number


Exemplary outer dimensions

96,50 x 150 cm

Exemplary weight

2,40 kg

Price from: 21,75 /pcs

Human stand – big

Kartonowe postacie - Duża - Labo Print
Exemplary catalogue number


Exemplary outer dimensions

147 x 198 cm

Exemplary weight

4,80 kg

Price from: 28,84 /pcs

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Human cardboard cutouts are made according to individual orders based on the outline/dimensions provided by the customer from EB corrugated cardboard roughly 5 mm thick. The material is coated on one side and composed of five layers. Before being printed, the cardboard is white on both sides. We apply the graphics on the front, because the back is equipped with an unprinted stabilising stand.

Individual human cardboard cutouts

Human stands are subject to full personalisation. We can produce any type of table and/or character shape. The print is applied with UV digital technology to cover the corrugated cardboard with vivid CMYK colours. The graphics and excellently rendered details are not the only advantages of our print. Another one is the semi-matte design, which makes laminate and film unnecessary.

Small and large human cardboard cutouts

Human cardboard cutouts come in all sizes and shapes up to the maximum dimensions. The price depends on the size of the display. The smaller format is produced up to the outer size of 96.50 cm x 150 cm (width x height), the larger one up to 147 cm x 198 cm. We also offer larger-than-maximum cutouts, which require individual inquiry and price assessment. All our human stands are light and extremely easy to fold up. EB cardboard is rigid, which makes the cutout stable. Both displays can be used present graphics, texts, and logos. On request, we can also equip the human cardboard cutout with a pamphlet holder to increase the power of communication.

Human cardboard cutouts as advertisement carriers

Personalised advertisements are excellent solutions for fairs, events, social campaigns, or sporting competitions. Human stands are the perfect way to present engaging communication in a store, hotel, corporate outlet, restaurant, pharmacy, cinema, or theatre. The displays can hold the image of the given industry’s representative, a famous media personality, or an authority in the given field. The cutouts will definitely raise the promotional effectiveness of your products and services.

Human cardboard cutouts – price and lead time

We offer quantity discounts for human cardboard cutouts. For bigger orders, the unit price is reduced. This is an excellent way to provide attractive advertising for e.g. a store chain. And the lead time is short only 3-7 business days.