Horizontal exhibition stand Europa

Fabric exhibition stand

Intended use

advertising: in a shop, showroom, at events and fairs; background: for conferences, for photos; decoration: in the living room, shop


rounded horizontally


stretch PRO 260 g/m²

Printing technology



320 x 228 cm


2-person, fast, no need to use tools, simple

Set includes

aluminium structure, printed fabric, transport bag


free-standing advertisement, large printing area, possibility of changing the printed material, possibility of double-sided printing, stable

Size after packaging

110 x 40 x 25 cm

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The fabric exhibition stand horizontal is an interesting alternative to the commonly chosen straight wall.

Fabric exhibition stand

This is distinguished by its curved shape with a horizontal orientation. The textile advertising wall is 3.20 x 2.28 m in size, so the print placed on it has a large surface area on which to design any graphics.

The horizontal textile advertising wall allows a double-sided print to be mounted. The same graphic or two completely different ones can be placed on each side. This solution can be of particular interest to trade fair exhibitors who want to convey a lot of relevant information during a short visit by potential or existing customers.

Fabric exhibition stand – material, construction and assembly

The structure of the fabric exhibition stand is made of aluminium. The individual elements are assembled by ball locks and the assembly of the system is very simple and can be done by one person. The wall is for multiple use.

The horizontal wall has no feet, because the curved shape makes it stable. At the same time, the structure is characterised by its lightness and strength. The print mounted on the fabric exhibition stand is made on Stretch Pro 260 g/m² fabric, which is stretchable and can be easily stretched over the structure. The simple application and removal of the fabric makes it possible to quickly change the presented graphics.

Fabric exhibition stand as an advertising and decoration idea

The Europa textile advertising wall can be used as a temporary element, for example at trade fairs and events, or as a permanent part of a shop, showroom or conference room setting.

Thanks to its unusual shape, the horizontal Europa attracts attention and gives a unique look to the interior.