Straight exhibition stand Europa

Fabric display wall

Intended use

advertising: in a shop, showroom, at events and fairs; background: for conferences, for photos; decoration: in the living room, shop




stretch PRO 260 g/m²

Printing technology



295 x 220 cm


2-person, fast, no need to use tools, simple

Set includes

aluminum structure with feet, printed fabric, transport bag


large printing area, possibility of changing the printed material, possibility of double-sided printing

Size after packaging

75 x 35 x 25 cm

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The fabric display wall straight is an attractive marketing medium- it has a large surface area on which to place graphics, advertising slogans and logos. The system is very popular with trade fair exhibitors and symposium and conference organisers.

The fabric display wall straight – the top advertising medium

The fabric display wall straight is the most frequently selected of the Europa category products. It has a universal shape, which allows it to be used at almost any exhibition stand or event.

Fabric display wall as a marketing medium

The Europa straight wall is not only a great advertising medium. It also functions successfully as a photo wall at parties. It is also used as an interior design element in boutiques or shopping centres, placing attractive decorative elements on the print.

Fabric display wall- Two-sided printing on a textile wall

As standard, our The fabric display wall straight wall is used to present graphics on one side of the structure, but there is the possibility of mounting prints on both sides. In order to achieve this result, two prints are stitched together.

Textile wall – material, technology and construction

For the straight textile wall we mount a print made of stretchable Strech PRO, with a weight of 260 g/m². This fabric is flexible, which has an impact on the ease of mounting and dismounting the print on the structure. The printed material can be stretched from the side or top of the system. The Strech Pro fabric can be washed and ironed.

The textile wall consists of an aluminium frame and stabilising metal feet. It is characterised by its low weight, but is very stable. When packed, the straight wall weighs 13 kg, which is important when transporting and assembling it. The wall comes with a transport bag in which it can be packed – product transport dimension: 75 x 35 x 25 cm.