Aluminium frame ZEN Simple Bold

Tension fabric system

Intended use

ceiling frames, wall frames

Thickness of the profile

3,4 cm


aluminium profile


Blackback, Polyester 210 g/m², strech PRO

Frame colour

standard – silver anodized, RAL Classic colour palette – for an extra charge

Set includes

angle brackets, profile, stabilising profile with connectors (applies to 3.0 x 2.0 m and larger formats)

Finish of material

Silicone keder 14 x 3 mm


easy installation, quick graphics replacement, reusable design

Important information

The quoted price is for a frame size 0,70 x 1,45 m. For a quote for a different frame size, please contact our sales department.


Write to our sales department

ZEN Simple Bold aluminium tension fabric system

ZEN aluminium frames are often known in the advertising industry as fabric tensioning frames. What does this actually mean? Basically that we are talking about frames made from aluminium profiles in which graphics printed on fabric can be presented. How to place the fabric in the frame in such a way that it is perfectly stretched and looks aesthetically pleasing? ZEN Simple Bold aluminium frames are such a system, we can make them in any size and with any graphics. Prints for aluminium frames are usually made on 210 g/m2 polyester material.

Aluminium tension fabric system 34 mm for hanging frames

ZEN Simple Bold frame tension fabric systems are made using anodised aluminium profiles with a depth of 34 mm. These allow the frame to be easily assembled and hung on the wall or, for example, suspended from the ceiling. Aluminium profiles allow us to make frames in any size, but sometimes it is not possible to make the sides of the frame in one piece. In this case, connectors are used to assemble the frame, which are ultimately invisible once the graphic is placed in the frame. The aluminium profiles used for the frames have a special slot along the profile, into which the edges of the printed material are easily inserted.

Assembly of ZEN frames tension fabric system and mounting of graphic printout

The assembly of a ZEN Simple Bold tension fabric system is very easy and can easily be done by one person. When ordering a made-to-measure aluminium frame with your artwork, you first receive cut aluminium profiles, angle mounting brackets and the artwork printed on fabric and trimmed with silicone keder stripe. Depending on the size of the ZEN frame you order, the kit may also include profile connectors and stabilising profiles (for lengths or widths greater than 2 m). Firstly, all the frame components are connected together using an Allen key, then the graphic material is mounted and finally hung on the wall. Our system, which is constructed from aluminium profiles, is reusable and allows the graphic fabric to be easily inserted and replaced while maintaining perfect tension on the frame. The edges of the fabric with graphics are trimmed with 14 x 3 mm silicone tape, which allows them to be inserted into a special slot made along the profiles from which the frame is constructed.

ZEN aluminium frames tension fabric system – popular applications

Aluminium tension fabric systems with a special slot into which silicone tape can be inserted, are used to construct frames in the advertising industry. The frames make possible to display graphics, whether advertising or decorative, which are printed on a textile material. ZEN aluminium frame tension fabric system, due to the fact that the print is made on fabric, are recommended primarily for indoor display. They are perfect for the interiors of all kinds of beauty salons, SPA surgeries, shops and galleries. Due to the possibility of printing any graphic and placing it in the frame, these systems can be used in any interior.