Roll-up Suna Economic

Roll up

Set includes

2 feet, 3-piece mast, bag, cassette, printout with customised graphics




Frontlight 450 g/m²

Printing technology

UV, latex

Finish of material

securing the material with a slat + winding on the cassette roll


sliding the graphic out from the inside of the aluminum cassette, resting it on a pole which is included in the set

Intended use

During conferences and trade fairs, as well as short public appearances, as a permanent fixture in a retail or service outlet – where the décor cannot be changed

Roll-up Suna Economic available in our offer

Roll-up Suna Economic 85 x 200 cm

Roll-up Suna Economic 85x200 - Labo Print
Visible graphics format

85,00 x 200,00 cm

Size after packaging

11,50 x 11,50 x 91,00 cm

Weight + print-out

2,80 kg

Price from: 28,25 /pcs

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Roll-up Suna Economic – the perfect portable advertising system

Roll-up Suna Economic is the budget alternative to the popular Roll-up Suna advertising system. The new model retains high design quality at an attractive price, making it perfect for customers looking for an effective and affordable advertising solution. This portable advertisement carrier is the perfect solution for both small companies and large enterprises aiming to present their products and services in an attractive manner.

Structure and assembly

The Roll-up Suna Economic is made of light aluminium, which means that it is both sturdy and easy to move. The cassette has stabilising feet to ensure additional durability in use. The printed material is high-quality Frontlight 450g/m², ensuring excellent saturation and colour reproduction.

The product is extremely easy to assemble. All you need to do is slide the rolled-up graphics out of the aluminium cassette and rest them on the included mast. The process takes moments, which means that this is the perfect solution for conferences, fairs, or other events where time is a factor. After the presentation, you can easily roll up the roll-up and put it in the transport bag, which is also included.

Personalised graphics

One of the biggest advantages of the Roll-up Suna Economic is the option of graphics personalisation. You can adapt the roll-up’s appearance to your brand and advertisement. High-quality and modern print technologies guarantee saturated colours and smooth tonal transitions, even in more complex graphical themes. Additionally, the surface of the Frontlight 450g/m² fabric is matte and prevents light reflection to make the graphics more legible.

Roll-up Suna Economic application

The Roll-up Suna Economic can be used at various types of events, including conferences, fairs, presentations, or training. It will make a terrific promotional instrument for retail outlets, offices, or fair stands. As it is easy to assemble and disassemble, it can also be used as an element of a sales point.

The Roll-up Suna Economic is the perfect solution for everyone looking for a portable and effective advertisement carrier. As it has a sturdy and durable design, is easy to assemble, and the graphics can be personalised, it is an indispensable instrument in business promotion. Irrespective of your industry, the Roll-up Suna Economic will help you stand out among the competition and attract the attention of your potential customers.