Blueback paper

Blueback paper

Intended use

Outdoor short-term advertising


120 g/m²

Printing technology

UV, latex, Solvent

Print resolution

1440 dpi

Maximum material width

1,37 m


resistance to weather conditions, the blue back prevents the graphics from being punctured on the bottom

Important information

The price applies to printing in UV technology

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Blueback paper, known as BBS paper, is a material with a blue back side. It is most often used for printing advertisements, applied on billboard media. This type of material is designed for short-term campaigns.

Why does Blueback paper have a blue back?

The blue back of the paper makes that the old graphics, which are applied with the new ones, are not visible. The blue back side effectively reduces show through, making the new ad look aesthetically pleasing. For billboard media, successive posters are glued in layers, which is why it is so important to use a suitable material that effectively reduces the possibility of visibility of the previous graphic.

For which campaigns is Blueback paper paper used?

This type of material is primarily intended for short-term advertising campaigns. Its long-term use is for indoor display only, where it is not exposed to direct contact with the outside elements – sun, rain.

Blueback paper applications

Blueback paper is a material used for billboard displays. Campaigns on these are short-term, usually one month in duration. Due to its structure, the paper is not very durable, and prolonged exposure to sunlight or rain causes colour fading and damage to the surface.

The other most common use of Blueback paper is to print posters on it for use during election and information campaigns. These types of campaigns are usually very intensive, large-scale and short-lived, so this low-cost material is ideal for their realisations. Indoor use is primarily for the printing of promotional and informational posters, e.g. in cinemas, theatres or other cultural and public facilities.

Blueback paper as low-budget advertising material

Blueback Side paper is one of the cheapest materials for large-format printing. Its low price is a mainfactor in decisions to use it.