Fabric lightbox

Intended use

material for purposes of ZEN Backlight frames and lightboxes


140 g/m²

Printing technology




Maximum material width

2,6 m

Finish of material

cut to size, Silicone keder, stitched edges, Tunnel

Material attestation



designed for backlit graphics / LED light box, very good print quality, fabric pulled tight over the frame eliminates creasing, polyester fabric coated with a special layer (matte with a milky colour, which allows for UV printing), PVC FREE

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Finishes available

Lightbox - Cut to size - Labo Print Cut to size
Lightbox - Stitched edges - Labo Print Stitched edges
Lightbox - Tunnel - Labo Print Tunnel
Lightbox - Silicon strip - Labo Print Silicon strip

Discover fabric lightbox – a fabric for backlit advertisements

Fabric lightbox is a special fabric, which attracts attention and is used for backlit prints. It is excellent in commercial space arrangements. The product is available in various forms of finishing such as cut to size, hemming, silicone tape and tunnel. This means that the material can be used in many projects and designs – e.g. installed in ZEN frames, stands and suspended systems.

Special properties

Lightbox is made of 140 g/m² polyester coated with a special layer. This layer is matte and milky, which allows for UV printing. Such printing accurately recreates the colours to ensure an exceptionally spectacular advertisement. Fabric lightbox is flexible, durable and light. The maximum width of material is 2,6 m. It is easy to assemble, which means that the advertisement carrier can be quickly changed and replaced.

Fabric lightbox – a safe material distinguishing your brand

Thanks to the unique technology and high quality, fabric lightbox is the perfect solution for people who want to make their brand stand out or create an interesting advertisement attracting the attention of potential customers. Lightbox is flame retardant and B1 certified, which means that it is safe and can be used in public spaces like shopping centres or exhibition halls. Thanks to its high quality and unique properties, fabric lightbox is gaining more and more popularity among companies operating in various industries.

Custom designs on fabric lightbox

Lightbox will help your brand display its products or services in a special way. Thanks to the option of backlighting, the presented materials are more attractive, draw attention and stand out among others. We offer print on fabric lightbox in various formats and forms of finishing to give our customers full freedom in creation of their individual projects. Contact our sales department to learn more about the potential of fabric lightbox in your company.