Kappa board

Printing technology

UV flat

Board format

1,40 x 3,00 m

Intended use

spatial letters, exhibition stand fitting, foil and photo application, mounting boards, presentation boards, signs, posters, presenters


5 mm, 10 mm

Finish of material

cut to shape, cut to size

Important information

The product is priced individually

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Kappa is a white board with a matt finish and sandwich construction. It consists of single outer layers in the form of cardboard and a polyurethane (PUR) foam filling. It is most often used as an advertising board or decoration material. The properties of the board play an important role here.

Features we value in Kappa boards

We offer materials in 5 and 10 mm thicknesses. Each has dimensions of 1.40 x 3.00 m. The greatest advantage of advertising boards made from kappa board is their light weight. They are distinguished by their lightness, ease of processing and, at the same time, their high rigidity. These properties determine the popularity of this material in the production of advertising boards.

Kappa is easy to process mechanically (cutting, milling) and does not crumble, so it can be cut and drilled in any shape.

The board has a flat and even surface, is easy to print on, and the colours are highly saturated, so the print looks very attractive. As standard, the graphics have an elegant matt finish.

Kappa board is a soft material and we do not recommend laminating it as there is a possibility of leaving unattractive marks such as fingerprints. However, if you want a gloss finish, we will apply the most suitable laminate – a polymer one – on your request.

Kappa board is more than just a billboard – it’s an application

Our board is designed for short-term and long-term indoor use. It is very popular in the advertising, decorative and trade fair sectors. The most common uses of kappa board:

  1. interior decoration
  2. window displays
  3. application of films and photographs
  4. exhibition stand fitting
  5. mounting boards, presentation boards, signs, posters, presenters, stands
  6. block letters
  7. architectural models

What is worth knowing when planning a print for a board?

Before you plan your print, it is important to consider where your artwork will be presented and how it can be mounted. Also remember to apply the guidelines for preparing graphic files from the specifications available on our website. Here you can find out, for example, how to achieve an intense black colour.

If your billboard or other board element will be suspended or visible from different sides, it is worth considering double-sided printing. What will you gain? Visibility from different perspectives, faster attraction of attention, increased attractiveness and effectiveness of the advertisement. Single-sided printing is ideal if the billboard is to be permanently mounted on a wall or other support.

If you have any further questions about personalisation or require an individual quote, please contact us.