Polypropylene board

Polypropylene board


Carrex, Carrex honeycomb

Printing technology


Board format

2,05 m x 3,05 m, 3,00 m x 2,00 m

Intended use

Indoor and outdoor, mobile advertising for bicycles, promotional overlays, racks, election posters, advertising at summer festivals and events, construction site signs


3,00 mm, 5,00 mm, 10,00 mm

Finish of material

the material is rigid and resembles cardboard in its structure, its advantage is that it is easy to process and can be cut to any shape, in addition, once the channels have been cut, the board can be creased, allowing it to be bent


Carrex polypropylene board: During the manufacturing process, the edges of the board will be left with a white (unprinted) margin of 3-10 mm (the width depends on the thickness of the board).

Important information

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Average price: 3,78 /m2

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Polypropylene board available in our offer

PP- Polypropylene board

Polypropylene board is a relatively inexpensive and economical material. The surface has a slight corrugation. Amongst other things, Polypropylene board is used for the production of information boards, pavement stopper and advertising space forms. PP board is made up of many channels and is resistant to mechanical damage. Printing on PP board is carried out using UV technology, which is resistant to external weather conditions. The structure of the board can be cut to size or, after partial incision of the channels, it can be given the desired spatial form. We offer the boards in thicknesses of 3, 5 and 10 mm.

Honeycomb polypropylene board

This is another type of cellular polypropylene, characterised by a honeycomb-like structure. This type of material architecture makes it possible to use it in projects that require cutting to more complicated shapes. A major advantage of the material is its low weight compared to other boards: PVC, Hips or Dibond. The surface is smooth and can be printed on both sides. We offer boards in 3 and 5 mm thicknesses.

Polypropylene board – applications

Polypropylene board is lightweight, but also rigid and strong. It is most often used in the advertising and construction industries and can be used both indoors and outdoors. It is made of strong plastic and shows resistance to the negative effects of weather conditions. Channel polypropylene is printed using UV technology with a resolution of 1000 dpi. The prints are resistant to sunlight and water. PP board is lightweight, so it can be mounted with tape, using glue or nails. It can also be easily attached to fences or lampposts using zip ties. PP board is a material that can be used interchangeably, alternatively in products made of paper or cardboard.

Polypropylene board – the most common applications:

  • Promotional graphics and overlays;
  • billboards;
  • advertising on bicycles;
  • signs, stands, billboards;
  • spatial forms;
  • information boards;
  • signs for building fences;
  • election posters;
  • boxes.

Printing on PP boards can be done in any colour. When designing graphics, it is always worth ensuring that they are attractive and clear to the potential customer. PP 3 mm board is the most attractively priced board in our range – it is ideal for short-term campaigns such as elections or information campaigns.