Translucent film for windows

Translucent film for windows

Printing technology

UV, latex, Solvent HR, UV flat


80 μ

Maximum width

152 cm

Finish of material

cut to shape, cut to size


Illumination possibility

Intended use

for backlighting, plexiglass decoration

Price from: 21,50 /m2

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Translucent film is a self-adhesive PVC material designed for illumination. It is dedicated to the production of permanent markings with unusual shapes. It has a thickness of 80μ and its maximum width is 152 cm.

What properties make translucent film popular?

Our film has a satin finish (semi-gloss, semi-matte), thus avoiding unwanted light reflections. It ensures even light dispersion, with reflected and transmitted light, while at the same time the light source is not visible. Its structure allows accurate colour reproduction after backlighting. Translucent film is characterised by high colour saturation. It has excellent tensile (min. 130%), tear (19 MPa) and weather resistance parameters. It is not affected by temperature changes from -40℃ to +90℃, UV radiation or humidity, so it can be displayed both indoors and outdoors. It is easily processed on cutting plotters, where it can be cut to shape or cut out signs and motifs. Outdoor applications have a lifespan of 5 years (metallic colours) to 7 years (other colours).

Order a film in any colour

Our offer includes foils in standard colours (such as white or black) as well as special colours (gold, silver).

What is worth knowing when designing on translucent film?

  • Before you design a motif using our foil, please read the file preparation specifications for printing. You will find this document on our website.
  • Remember to keep a safety zone of 5 cm on each side, otherwise your design may be cropped.
  • To increase the durability of your film, we recommend lamination with a dedicated laminate.
  • The translucent film can be printed with UV, UV Flat, solvent HR or latex. For saturated colours, we offer double-printing of the motif on the top or both sides.
  • You also have the option of creating a multi-colour design from the foil itself, in which case we will use sheets of different colours.
  • We cut out your design so that the wax backing is not cut. After getting rid of the unnecessary elements, we apply it to the transfer film, so that you will transfer it in the same layout during application.

How and where is the translucent film used?

Due to its long lifespan and extraordinary properties, the foil is used for back-lit Plexiglas, e.g. in luminous advertising (advertising coffers, semaphores, 3D letters, 3D shapes); we also apply it to glass and taut banner materials. We plot any motif (e.g. company name) in it, and in this form you can stick it onto your carrier. Translucent film is used on advertising and decorative surfaces in shops, supermarkets, business outlets, hotels, restaurants and petrol stations.

Buy foil or foil-lined advertising systems

If you want to order luminous advertising using foil, be sure to see our range of single- and double-sided panels, letters and 3D shapes. We also offer personalisation of the Plexiglas board itself. Already have a marketing surface and just want to order foil? Get in touch with us.

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