Cardboards hook displays

Display stands for retail

Catalog number


Intended use

Displaying small items, packaged products, hanging products like gardening tools, brooms, mops, hobby products, office goods


EB cardboard + plastic hooks

Printing technology



5 kg

External dimensions

60 x 40 x 160 cm

Size after packaging

165 x 75 x 50 cm


customisable product hook quantity, length, distribution, and load, facilitating the display of non-standard products, light and durable, personalized print, quick assembly, semi-mat printing structure

Important information

The price and dimensions after packing are for 1 stand with 9 hooks. The cost and parcel dimension are subject to change if the number of hooks changes.

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Display stands for retail are a part of the POS cardboard stand group. The presented model is made up of a cardboard structure and nine plastic hooks. The quantity, length, distribution, and load of the hooks can be customised to specific products. The hooks can be freely arranged on the entire inner stand wall to use 100% of the display space and make sure that the products are arranged close together without creating empty spaces.

Display stands for retail with individual print

Display stands for retail are made of durable EB cardboard. The print is applied with UV technology which allows to print graphics, advertising slogans, promotional offers, or logos. The semi-matte structure creates an excellent visual effect. The result does not require any additional varnishing or lamination, which means that personalised display stands for retail are guaranteed to be attractive products and advertising measures.

Display stands for retail and their application

Display stands for retail make it easier to display unusual products and make them accessible to customers. Furthermore, the entire assortment will be displayed in an attractive way. Display stands for retail allow to display small items in individual packaging or hanging products like gardening tools, brooms, mops, holiday ornaments, and hobby products. They are recommended for stores carrying electronics, office supplies, sporting goods, or decorations as well as supermarkets. The presented model with external dimensions of 60 x 40 x 160 cm comes with a topper and stand for additional marketing space.

Personalisation of every display stand for retail

To strengthen the marketing communication, we encourage you to order a greater number of stands. Every display stand for retail is subject to individual personalisation, which means that individual display stands for retail may display different prints. Furthermore, the bigger the order, the smaller the unit price.

Transport and storage

Display stands for retail are delivered as flat elements for assembly by the customer. This way the package is smaller and the structure is easy to store. Assembled display stands for retail do not take up a lot of room, which makes them perfect for frequent but short-term displays.