Double sides light box

Intended use

outdoor, indoor, two-sided company signboard


mounting feet, Plexi board



Lighting method

edge lighting

Light colour

6500 – 7500 K

Minimum size

20 x 20 cm

Maximum size

200 x 100 cm

IP Ratings



advertising & decoration, draws attention, the possibility of using different lighting colours and the flashing effect, visibility from both sides

Important information

The product is priced individually

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Mounting methods assembly

Freestanding semaphore - Labo Print - Printing house Freestanding
Semaphore - Assembly - Printing house Perpendicular to the wall
Suspended semaphore - Labo Print - Printing house Suspended

Variants of semaphores

Semaphore round

Round semaphore - Labo Print - Printing house

Semaphore square

Square semaphore - Labo Print - Printing house

Semaphore rectangle

Rectangular semaphore - Labo Print - Printing house

An advertising double sides light box semaphore is a spatial form of light box, double-sided or single-sided, mounted on an extension arm to a facade. This type of carrier is ideal for the signposting of retail, service and catering outlets. The Semaphor advertising signboard can be used to provide information on busy streets, where there is a lot of pedestrian and vehicle traffic; it is easy to spot and will certainly not be missed.

What shapes and sizes are available for double sides light box semaphore signs?

We can produce an illuminated double side semaphore sign for you in any size and shape. Customers are most likely to opt for symmetrical forms such as a circle, square or rectangle. Before making a choice, the location of the sign should be carefully examined, and consideration should be given to whether there are any signs of this type in the vicinity, so that our system fits in well with the existing surroundings. The choice of shape should also be made taking into account what kind of logo we have and what additional information we want to include. In cases where our logo is very long or consists of several elements, the use of a round or square semaphore may not be justified. The information placed on it should be clear and understandable. The medium will not serve its purpose well if the elements on it are difficult to read or are divided up in an illogical way.

The minimum size of a double sides light box semaphore sign that we can produce for you is 20 x 20 cm and the maximum is 200 x 100 cm. The small formats are often used to mark the location of rooms – e.g. offices, toilets, emergency exits. Larger ones are used to mark the company’s place of business, are visible from a long distance and can additionally be illuminated. An additional element that can be used with an advertising semaphore is twilight sensors. This solution frees us from the need to remember to switch on the lights when dusk falls. The sensors measure the light intensity and when it reaches a minimum value, they send information to the central unit, which switches on the lighting.

Why opt for a double sides light box semaphore advertising sign?

Double sides light box semaphore signs are most often chosen as a double-sided option. A passer-by walking down a crowded street can easily locate the company they are looking for. Additionally, by choosing the illuminated option, our medium will be visible even after dusk. The semaphore signboard is very aesthetically pleasing, with an elegant and unobtrusive form. When designing the graphics presented on it, care should be taken to ensure that they consist of not too many elements, are clear and understandable to the recipient. It is worth remembering that the way we present our company has an impact on how it is perceived by our customers, so it is worth taking care of every detail.

How is a double sides light box semaphore advertising sign constructed?

We are experienced in realising advertising semaphore signs. The system is built from aluminium profiles and Plexiglas. In the basic version, the semaphore frame is made of raw aluminium, but we can realise it in any colour from the RAL palette. Graphics placed in the system can be realised on foil or translucent film, depending on whether the carrier is to be illuminated. The LED strips placed in the system can have a colour range of 6500 – 7500 Kelvin. The lower this ratio is, the warmer, more yellow the light. The outriggers can be used to mount the semaphore advertising sign perpendicular to the wall, suspended from the ceiling or placed directly on the ground. Each of these solutions provides the perfect end result. The semaphore advertising sign is easy to keep clean. The elements can be wiped down with a wet cloth. Systematic care of the product ensures that we will enjoy its excellent quality for a long time.