Backlight film

Backlit film

Printing technology

UV, latex, Solvent HR, UV flat


175 μ

Print resolution

1440 dpi

Maximum width

152 cm

Finish of material

custom, cut to size


Resembles vinyl for a traditional camera

Intended use

illuminated advertisement in closed lightboxes

Important information

The price applies to printing in UV technology

Price from: 9,00 /pcs

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Backlight film is a polyester film without adhesive backing, designed for backlighting. It is used indoors and in closed outdoor systems. It resembles film for a traditional camera. Our material comes in white and is translucent, with a matt finish on the front and a glossy finish on the back.

Why will backlight film be ideal for your advertising?

Backlight film is a widely used and effective advertising product. In backlit systems, the attractive appearance of the graphics and the appropriate light dispersion plays an important role. Our film transmits light and diffuses it perfectly. In daylight it looks like a traditional poster, and at night it presents its unique character and makes your advertising visible. It is the perfect idea for promoting your services or products.

We use UV, HR solvent or Latex technology, which allows us to achieve the right colours that do not change under UV light and are not damaged by contact with moisture. The backlit film itself is also resistant to weather conditions, including high and low temperatures. The printing method used allows installation immediately after the motif has been applied, as the inks dry quickly.

Backlight film is the perfect solution if you frequently change your display, now you can do it easily and in a short period of time.

The most popular applications for backlight film

Our film is perfect for the closed urban lightboxes like:

  • lightbox systems at bus stops
  • boards
  • wall frames
  • advertising signs
  • pylons.

It is also in demand in retail outlets, restaurants, cinemas and galleries, in which case it can appear as:

  • framed cinema posters
  • illuminated menus
  • part of advertising furniture
  • advertising in panels in drugstores, liquor shops
  • display with enlarged photographs.

Popular advertising media make it possible to reach a wider audience – they are everywhere your customer may appear. It is worth placing backlit film in them, which will not only catch the eye, but will present the message in an unusual way.

How do you make advertising on foil attractive?

Our film has properties that work well in closed systems, however, for your advertising message to be effective, it should be designed in accordance with your print preparation specifications. Only then will the effect be in line with your expectations.

When designing your print, remember that a sheet of film has a maximum size of 100 x 1000 cm. If the motif is larger, then overlap the print, which is practically invisible.

When planning your artwork, take into account how the foil will be mounted. Backlight film is usually cut to size. We can also suit the finish to your needs.

The print on the film is matt; if you want a glossy finish, simply choose a gloss laminate. The lamination process additionally helps to increase the durability of the material. If you’re looking to extend the life and still maintain a matt finish, order the matt laminate variant.

Is your backlight film to be used for short-term display outside the closed advertising system? Opt for an anti-graffiti laminate, which will make it easier to clean up dirt in the form of graffiti or stickers. Also think about an anti-bacterial laminate, which will release silver ions and thus prevent the multiplication of bacteria.

Remember not to bend the film during transport or in storage, otherwise unsightly marks will remain. We recommend rolling it into a roll, so that it will quickly return to its original state if necessary.

Order your backlit film from LaboPrint

If you have any further questions about the properties of our film, personalisation possibilities or if you want to match a suitable laminate, we will be happy to help.

Would you like to place an order? You do this in 3 steps:

  1. write to us or call us
  2. choose your format, finish and possible laminate
  3. send us your finished design
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