Roll-up Suna

Roll up

Set includes

2 feet, 3-piece mast, bag, cassette, printout with customised graphics




Blockout 440g/m², Roll-up foil

Printing technology

UV, latex, Solvent HR

Finish of material

securing the material with a slat + winding on the cassette roll


sliding the graphic out from the inside of the aluminum cassette, resting it on a pole which is included in the set

Intended use

During conferences and trade fairs, as well as short public appearances, as a permanent fixture in a retail or service outlet – where the décor cannot be changed

Roll-up Suna available in our offer

Roll-up Suna 85 x 200 cm

Roll-up Suna 85x200 - Labo Print
Visible graphics format

85,00 x 200,00 cm

Size after packaging

11,50 x 11,50 x 91,00 cm

Weight + print-out

2,80 kg

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1 - 932,00
10 - 1931,00
20 - 2930,00
30 - 4929,00
50 - 9928,00
100 - 14927,50

Roll-up Suna 100 x 200 cm

Roll-up Suna 100x200 - Labo Print
Visible graphics format

100,00 x 200,00 cm

Size after packaging

11,50 x 11,50 x 106,00 cm

Weight + print-out

3,30 kg

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1 - 936,00
10 - 1935,00
20 - 2934,00
30 - 4933,50
50 - 9932,50
100 - 14931,50
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Functional roll up with print – a recipe for an impressive company presentation

The Suna roll up is one of the most popular and practical advertising systems. It can be taken with you basically anywhere. Its uncomplicated design makes it quick and easy to unfold. All you have to do is slide the rolled-up graphic out from inside the aluminium cassette and then instal it on the mast that is included in the kit. The graphics can be personalised as desired. The printing materials we use and the printing done digitally are a guarantee of saturated and vivid colours and smooth tonal transitions even in very graphically complex motifs. The roll up is very convenient to transport, and after folding it does not take up much space. Thanks to its simple construction, it can be assembled very quickly and you can immediately start promoting your company or event in any chosen location.

How is the roll up constructed?

Roll up consists of the following elements:

  • lightweight aluminium cassette,
  • 2 flat stabilising feet,
  • graphics pulled out of the cassette,
  • 3-part aluminium mast,
  • aesthetically pleasing and robust transport bag.

As a large-format printer with many years of experience, we offer you portable advertising systems in two sizes: roll up 85 × 200 cm and roll up 100 × 200 cm.

Durable roll up with personalised graphics

The roll up system is personalised by having a printout with individual graphics on it. The roll up foil, which we use as standard in the systems, has a matt surface to prevent the appearance of light reflections. It is also possible to place a printout made on blockout banner. This white fabric on both sides has a special black layer inside, which prevents the fabric from shining through. Roll up is a versatile advertisement. Depending on the type of message you place on the graphic, it can have a different use. It is an ideal way to promote a brand at trade fairs, conferences and outdoor events. It is an indispensable source of information during training, presentations, lectures and promotions. The 85 × 200 cm roll up and the 100 × 200 cm roll up can also be a permanent element of an office space arrangement.

What elements should a graphic placed on a roll up system have?

In order for a portable roll up advertising system to reach the largest possible number of recipients, there are several things to remember:

  • graphics prepared for the roll up must contain a message which is concise, clear and eye-catching;
  • the graphics should include the company logo, the graphics should be consistent with the colour scheme of the marketing materials;
  • the size of the advertising system should also be considered – 85 x 200 cm or 100 x 200 cm?
  • important elements of the advertising message should be shifted away from graphics edges;
  • important elements of the advertising message should be placed on the edge of the graphic; the QR code or logo should be placed at eye level or slightly higher.

Roll up – a universal advertising solution

Roll up is an advertising system that can be used by any company. It is particularly recommended for organisations participating in many promotional and training events throughout the year. The roll up gives you the opportunity to reach customers with your advertising message at a low cost.