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Rollup is an elegant advertising system which, thanks to its lightweight, mobile design, allows you to reach a large number of customers with your promotional message. The rollup is an ideal marketing tool for companies that want to grow, it is the perfect way to promote your company in various locations. Rollup are also very effective because they make it very easy to reach a large audience with your advertising message.

Rollup – professional advertising tailored to your needs

The type of Rollup system can be easily adapted to your needs and your campaign funds. For marketing activities with a small budget, we recommend the economical X-Banner advertising stand. For more demanding customers, we have the Kaze model with a stable teardrop-shaped cassette.

Rollup – a tool for brand promotion and sales activities

Rollup is a very versatile solution. It effectively helps to build brand awareness, promote new products, solutions, ideas. It can be presented at trade fairs, outdoor events, health centres, schools, offices, pharmacies. It can be a permanent or temporary element of interior design.

Rollup – a portable advertising system

Rollup is very easy to use. After a presentation, it can be folded up very quickly and conveniently transported to the next promotional event in a convenient carry bag. When packed away, it takes up very little space, so no large storage spaces are needed to store it, and it fits easily into the boot of a small passenger car.

We offer many models of rolup systems in various sizes.