3D shapes

3D logo signage

Intended use

company signboard, internal decoration, logotype, e.g. in the service industry, shopping mall, catering industry


Dibond, plexi board, PVC



Light colour

6500 – 7500 K

Light beam angle

up to 175 degrees

Depth of letters

4 cm, 6 cm, 8 cm, 10 cm, 12 cm

Sides colour

Standard colours available, RAL colors at an extra charge


advertising & decoration, draws attention, the possibility of using different lighting colours and the flashing effect, visibility

Important information

The product is priced individually

3D logo signage is becoming increasingly popular. Interesting and colourful designs are easily noticeable and positively perceived. 3D shapes and logos have a spatial form, which makes them more visible and, with the additional option of backlighting, they attract attention even at night. 3D logos are often realised in combination with spatial letters. Companies are increasingly relying on visual identification based not only on a written name, but also on graphic symbol. This complementary element of communication facilitates the creation of the company’s image, gives the possibility to easily stand out from the competition and is definitely more easily remembered by potential customers.

What are the possible options for highlighting the 3D logo signage ?

The 3D logo can be illuminated using one of three options. The first is to illuminate the logo to the front. This is the most frequently chosen form, the 3D logo is visible from a long distance even after dusk, the colours are saturated and sharp. The face of the 3D logo is made of a light-transmitting material – Plexiglas – and the back is made of PVC. The second is back-lit. A 3D logo designed in this way has a face made of a light-impermeable material – PVC or Dibond – and from the back of the element the reflection of the lighting on the facade where it is mounted is visible. This solution gives a very aesthetic and interesting effect.

The last type is back-to-front illumination. With this solution, our 3D logo is most strongly illuminated – both from the front and the back. Before making a decision, it is important to consider where our system will be presented and what final effect we want. When the 3D logo is juxtaposed with an inscription, it is advisable to use a similar solution so that the message is consistent and forms an integral whole.

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3D shapes - front lighting - Printing house 3D shapes - front lighting - Labo Print
3D shapes - lighting from the back - Printing house 3D shapes - lighting from the back - Labo Print
Front + back
3D shapes - front and rear lighting - Labo Print 3D shapes - front and rear lighting - Labo Print

How can your 3D logo signage be finished?

We carry out four types of side finishing as standard for 3D logo sign elements. As 3D logos often have quite complex shapes and are made up of many smaller ones, we recommend using faced sides. This option allows for the most precise and aesthetically pleasing finish. In cases where the elements that make up the logo or graphic element are quite large, you can opt for a more striking finish, such as sides made flat, sharp or curled.

3D shapes - side faced - Labo Print - Printing house
side faced
3D shapes - side flat - Labo Print
side flat
3D shapes - side sharp - Labo Print
side sharp
3D shapes - side rolled - Labo Print - Printing house
side rolled

What colours are available for the sides of 3D logo sign?

We have available the colours that are most often chosen by our customers. However, we can produce the sides in another colour from the RAL Classic palette.

3D letters - side - brushed gold - Labo Print
Gold brushed
3D letters - side - gold mirror - Labo Print
Gold mirror
3D letters - side RAL 1023 - Labo Print
RAL 1023
3D letters - side RAL 2004 - Labo Print
RAL 2004
3D letters - side RAL 3020 - Labo Print
RAL 3020
3D letters - side RAL 6029 - Labo Print
RAL 6029
3D letters - side RAL 5002 - Labo Print
RAL 5002
3D letters - side - matt RAL 9016 - Labo Print
Matt RAL 9016
3D letters - Side - glossy RAL 9016 - Labo Print
Gloss RAL 9016
3D letters - Side RAL 9006 - Labo Print
Gloss RAL 9006
3D letters - brushed silver side - Labo Print
Srebrny szczotkowany
3D letters - silver mirror side - Labo Print
Silver brushed
3D letters - black side - Labo Print - Printing house
RAL 9005
3D letters - any color of the side - Labo Print

What are the options for mounting the 3D logo signage ?

Most often, the 3D logo is mounted directly onto a Dibond board. This solution is generally used because the graphic elements of the logo are made up of many smaller parts, and this method solves the need to fit them together. Mounting directly to the wall without the use of a Dibond board or box or frame requires checking whether more fixing points can be made in the facade. Before deciding which solution to use, it is important to have a good idea of where our 3D logo is displayed. We need to know several details: whether cables with electricity can be run to make our 3D logo signage illuminated, whether more fixings can be made on the location, whether additional approvals are required.

Kształty 3d - Dibond - Labo Print - Printing house
3D shapes - Dibond box - Labo Print
dibond box
3D shapes - dibond + alu rail - Labo Print
dibond + alu rail
3D shapes - alu rail - Labo Print
alu rail
3D shapes - Directly to the surface - Labo Print
directly to the surface
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