Backlight banner

Backlight printing

Intended use

illuminated advertisement for indoor and outdoor use


500 g/m²

Printing technology




Print resolution

1000 dpi

Maximum material width

5,00 m

Material attestation


Finish of material

custom, cut to size, cut to size + eyelets, Tunnel, Tunnel around


good light transmission

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Finishes available

Backlight - Cut to size - Labo Print Cut to size
Backlight - Tunnel - Labo Print Tunnel
Backlight - Sleeve around - Labo Print Tunnel around
Backlight - Cut to size + eyelets - Labo Print Cut to size + eyelets
Personalized banner finishing - Labo Print Custom

Backlight printing banner is used in backlit advertising displays. The material is characterized by good light transmittance, so that printout is perfectly visible not only during the day, but also at night.

This type of banner is not only intended for outdoor realizations. It is perfect for creating a unique decor effect in beauty salons, restaurants, swimming pools and shops. When it is illuminated- and there is properly chosen graphics – can give the interior a unique atmosphere, draw the attention of the recipient.

Backlight printing banner – a perfect solution for illuminated advertising

Backlight Banner is printed in UV technology. This type of printing is resistant to external weather conditions, so the quality of the banner and graphics will be perfect for a long time. The special structure of the material makes the motif still saturated with colors after being illuminated, and the advertising slogans and information placed on it are legible.

Where can the Backlight printing banner be used?

This type of material is mostly used in advertisments where the material is illuminated from the back. Its great advantage is the width up to 5 m, so it can be used in all large street backlight media. The reception of the highlighted advertisement is much better when there is no additional welds connecting the parts of printout.

Backlight printing banner finishing variants

The Backlight printing Banner can be finished in many ways. The method of mounting on the display is determinating the correct selection of the appropriate finish. The most commonly used are:

  • Tunnel around
  • Keder tape
  • Cutting to size and eyelets