Light boxes

Light boxes

Intended use

company signboard, internal decoration, logotype, e.g. in the service industry, shopping mall, catering industry, outdoor, indoor


aluminium frames, front: Plexiglass + foil, back: PVC



Lighting method

edge lighting

Light colour

6500 – 7500 K

Sides colour

colours of RAL colour system

Width of profiles

10 cm, 14 cm


parallel to the wall through additional aluminum profiles


advertising & decoration, draws attention, the possibility of using different lighting colours and the flashing effect, visibility

Important information

The product is priced individually

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Light boxes are popular form of illuminated advertising sign that can be placed on a building wall or inside a building. It can come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be made from different materials. The most popular materials are Plexiglas, aluminium composite or PVC. The choice of material depends on individual needs and preferences.

Where are light boxes used?

Customers most often choose illuminated advertising panels so that they are visible even at night. The most popular use is above the entrances to retail or service premises. They display the company logo, address and provide brief information about the company’s business profile.

In addition to their informative function, inside the premises the panels are used as a decorative element. Attractive graphics placed on the coffer, consistent with other elements of the arrangement, will give the premises a unique atmosphere.

What elements of the light boxes can be personalised?

The light boxes are made to order for our customers. We can personalise the size of the panel, the material it is made of, the shape, the form of fastening and lighting. The final appearance and type of panel structure is always discussed in detail with our clients. We adapt the solution to the place of display and the final visual effect to be achieved.

A light box is the ideal option for an advertising sign

They can also be ordered according to individual preferences, we have many possible solutions in our offer.

An additional advantage of light boxes is their easy handling and installation. Their surface is easy to clean and maintain, it is enough to wipe it with a slightly wet cloth.

Advertising panels are an excellent form of promoting your company or product and can be used for advertising or information purposes. They are used to promote a new product or service, as well as to inform recipients of important events or promotional campaigns. They help to draw the attention of potential customers and attract them to your business.

As a form of advertising, light boxes can help to increase sales and brand recognition. Designed and precisely manufactured, they look elegant and aesthetically pleasing for many years.

What types of profiles and materials are used in the production of light boxes?

We make the light boxes from PVC board, Plexiglas and coffer profiles. In the standard version, the profiles are painted in a colour from the RAL Classic colour palette. At the customer’s request, it is possible to leave the profiles in the form of raw aluminium.

Profiles are available in widths of 100 and 140 mm. The choice of the right size depends on the dimensions of the panel and wider profiles are used for large-size signs, where they also reinforce the entire structure.

We print graphics supplied by the customer on Plexiglas panels. This can include company logos, advertising or information slogans, product graphics. We also personalise the method of illumination. We can illuminate a light box as a whole or with only selected elements. This solution is worth considering, as illuminated advertising is much more visible, attracts the attention of potential customers and looks very elegant. The visibility of the information placed on it is much greater compared to a signboard that does not have such lighting. Twilight sensors are an additional element that can be used with light boxes. This solution is designed to control the lighting. The sensors switch the lighting on after dark, so we do not have to remember to switch it on when dusk falls.

Each advertising panel is additionally equipped with the necessary components – LED strips, power supply.

Our team will be happy to help you choose the right solution. Feel free to contact us.

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