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LED letters are popular forms of illuminated advertising signboards. Since they are flat, they fit into the architecture of the building. At the same time, the use of LEDs makes the company stand out from other organisations. LED letters are used outdoors and indoors with similar frequency.

Use of LED letters

LED letters are most often installed flat above the entrance to a service point, shop or public institution. They are an elegant form of company logo. On the one hand, they inform about the location or scope of services. On the other one, LED letters serve as image marketing items. They attract the eye, increase the aesthetic value of the area and, of course, stay in your memory. LED letters are also effective when applied in shopping centres. This is a commonly used form of branding above the entrance to individual shops. They can also be found in restaurant, market, hotel interiors. LED letters are interesting wall displays (in the form of backlit poster) and an original way to separate individual sections, e.g. drugstore section with perfumes.

How LED letters are made

We make personalised LED letters using PVC and plexi board and panel profiles. We connect the profiles by welding. In the standard version, their colour is close to aluminium. However, you can also choose a variant from RAL colour system. Available frame elements can be 100 and 140 mm wide. Wider profiles have reinforcing grooves. Size selection depends on the panel’s dimensions. In the case of larger panels, 140 mm profiles will work well. Both the print and size, and the backlight can be personalised. We offer both the lighting effect of the whole product and of the selected element. The colours of LEDs used are in the range of 6500-7500 K.

Fitting of LED letters

LED letters should be attached parallel to the wall with additional aluminium profiles. This element can be found on the back wall. We place edge lighting and power supply on the profiles inside the panel. LED letters installed in such a way are a durable advertising medium.

Principles of designing LED letters

Printing has to be designed properly to let LED letters fulfil their information and advertising role. In order to do this, it is worth considering the following suggestions:

    Graphics/inscriptions should be in harmony with the surroundings but they have to stand out at the same time

  • The size of panel should match the surrounding area and the printing
  • Printing should be clear and legible
  • Colours should be consistent with the branding
  • A short message will reach the recipient faster