Aluminium composite

Dibond print

Printing technology



RGBT colours available on request, white and silver

Intended use

advertising coffers, displays, fair stands, information board, interior design item


Excellent weight/resistance ratio, lightweight and durable, resistance to weather conditions

Finish of material

cut to shape, cut to size

Important information

The price is the average price per material, please contact our sales department for a quote.

Average price: 21,00 /m2

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Aluminium composite, also known as dibond, is a rigid and durable board that is widely used in the advertising and decorative industries. It can be directly printed with any graphic, logo or lettering. Advertising products made from dibond board can be used indoors as well as outdoors.

Solid dibond for a wide range of applications

The printed dibond board looks great and is relatively lightweight and robust. The aluminium composite can be cut to any shape, which is why it is often used to produce 3D product elements such as 3D letters or logos. An interesting visual effect is achieved by using dibond together with backlighting. It is also often used to manufacture coffer boxes. Dibond is resistant to adverse weather conditions. Many of the plates, signs and boards used on the exterior facades of buildings are made from dibond. These products retain their high quality and great appearance for a long time. The durability of the board makes it a frequent component of trade fair structures and exhibition systems. Printed dibond is used for interior design elements in hotels, shops, offices, showrooms, shops and for signage in offices and offices.

High-quality printing on dibond

Printing on aluminium composite is carried out directly on the product or on foil, which is then applied to the surface. The graphics are characterised by perfect colour representation. The printed dibond does not lose any quality over a long exposure period. The dibond panel can be printed on one or both sides, with separate graphics or text on each (double-sided printing is only possible for formats below 3.05 x 1.5 m). When designing graphics, it is worth ensuring that the message is clear to the customer, and the most important elements of the advertising message should be moved away from the edges of the graphic.

Dibond board in the Labo Print offer

The dibond board itself is similar to a sandwich board in its construction. There are two sheets of aluminium sheet on the outside, with an inner polyethylene core between them. Each panel can be cut to any shape or size. We offer aluminium composite in thicknesses of 2 mm (3.05 x 1.5 m and 4.05 x 1.5 m boards) and 3 mm (3.05 x 1.5 m; 4.05 x 1.5 m; 2 x 3.05 m boards). The dibond board comes in silver and white as standard, with other RAL colours available on request. Our company Labo Print is characterised by professionalism and a high level of service. Please feel free to contact our sales staff, who will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the aluminium composite itself or printing on this board.