Monomer foil

Monomeric vinyl

Printing technology

UV, latex, Solvent HR, UV flat


80/100 μ

Print resolution

1440 dpi

Maximum material width

1,60 m

Finish of material

cut to shape, cut to size


mat and shine versions, possibility of adjusting the adhesive to the exposure conditions

Intended use

boards, display cases, exhibition stand design, flat surfaces

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Monomeric vinyl – a popular solution

Monomeric vinyl is a popular and cost-effective material used in large-format printing. Advertising on monomeric film is used in outdoor and indoor advertising. Monomeric film is self-adhesive, which greatly facilitates its convenient application. Printing on monomeric film is characterised by high colour saturation. Surfaces to which the foil will be applied should be smooth (the foil has no plastic properties). The surface where the application will be made should be non-deforming and rigid. In addition, monomeric film is an excellent material for creative advertising or interior decoration.

Monomeric vinyl – types and adhesives used

Monomeric film is available with different types of glue: permanent, removable, channelised. Other adhesives used are grey or black, which are used when you want to mask an unsightly surface under the film, or other graphics existing on it. Monomeric film can be used outdoor approximately one year.

Printing on monomeric vinyl with laminate

The use of a laminate results in a significant increase in the lifespan of the film. Its structure is strengthened and it is protected against fading. Monomeric vinyls that are additionally protected with a laminate are more resistant to the negative effects of the sun or rain – they retain their aesthetic appearance longer and can also be cleaned with mild detergents.

Printing on monomeric vinyl – the most common applications

Monomeric vinyl is very often used to create elements for advertising and marketing campaigns. Here are the most common applications:

  • Monomeric vinyl for window and shop window – externally and internally;
  • foil printing for signs, billboards;
  • Monomeric vinyl for use as stickers, labels;
  • foil printing for flat body parts on vans and trucks;
  • foil printing for advertising surfaces on public transport (trams, buses);
  • printing on foil for the arrangement of trade fair stands;
  • printing on self-adhesive film for wrapping furniture and doors.