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The advertising flag is a popular outdoor advertising medium used temporarily during various events, as well as permanently most often in front of retail and service points. Due to it’s rather large size, it effectively attracts the attention of potential customers and at the same time strengthens the brand image.

The use of advertising flags is very wide. On a daily basis, we see advertising flags in front of entrances to of restaurants, food trucks, shops, hairdressing salons etc. They help customers find a given place and at the same time draw the attention of those who did not even know of it’s existence. Advertising flag is used at all kinds of outdoor events, i.e. industry events, company events, concerts, festivals and sports competitions.

Advertising flags are known as beachflags – this naming shows the most popular form of using it. On the beach, where everything looks the same from a distance, advertising flags are invaluable. They allow you to mark the space where there are, for example, beach bars, restaurants, foodtrucks by the beach, ice cream stands, places with attractions for children and even the location of the lifeguard. They wave attractively in the wind and, above all, make individual locations visible from a distance.

We can easily suit the flag to our needs. If we want the graphics to be visible from a long distance, it is worth choosing larger models. A smaller advertising flag will work well when we have limited space available, especially in height, and we do not need to be visible from very far away. Information about the product range or promotions, interesting graphics referring to the brand’s visual identity – only our imagination limits us how the advertising flag will look like.

Advertising flag with a Standard or Premium mast

An advertising flag consists of a flagpole and fabric with printed graphics stretched over it. It can have various shapes, which depend on the type of mast used. We offer two types of flagpole: Standard – made of aluminium and fibreglass and Premium, which is made entirely of aluminium. Standard masts, thanks to the use of fibreglass, are flexible and can take on different shapes. Premium masts are rigid and already have a defined rectangular or rounded shape.

As for the Standard flagpoles, there are three flag shapes available in our range: Quill, Feather and Crest. The Quill advertising flag is shaped like a teardrop and is great for sporting events. The Crest advertising flag is shaped like a leaf and the Feather has the bottom edges cut at right angles. Each of these flags is available in 4 sizes S, M, L and XL.

Advertising flag printed on one or both sides

We print single-sided advertising flags using the sublimation method on a textile material, usually 115 g/m2 polyester. This material is ideal for them, it is thin, looks aesthetically on the flagpole and flies attractively in the wind. Additionally, the 115 g/m2 polyester allows the print to be visible from both sides of the flag. Although the graphic is printed only on one side, the material itself ensures approx. 97 per cent image reflection – the reverse side shows a mirror image of the graphic.

We also offer double-sided advertising flags – with a separate print on each side. They are available with both Standard and Premium masts. In this case, we print the flag on a material called Blackback PRO- his structure ensures that the graphics do not show through to the other side. This allows us to stitch together two independent prints without worrying that one side will seen on the other. The double-sided advertising flag is heavier and therefore requires a heavier base and will work best in no wind places and indoors.

Advertising flag with a suitable base

To placing advertising flags you need appropriate basis for flat surface or driving them into the ground. To do this, it is worth thinking about where we will use them and getting the right flag bases.

In our offer we have bases:

  • Square Base, Rubber Base;
  • Ground Stake, Ground Spike;
  • Cross Base;
  • Drive-on Car Foot, so called;
  • filled with water or sand – Water Base;

The choice of the appropriate base depends on the ground on which we want to place the flags and their size. For larger sizes, i.e. L and XL, especially those exposed outdoors where there is wind, it is advisable to choose heavier bases to ensure stability.

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