Sandwich displays

Sandwich display

Intended use

perfect for the beach, at events, in a shopping centre, presentation of indoor and outdoor advertising

Print material

Strech PRO


oval fiberglass rod

Printing technology



120 x 70 cm, 180 x 115 cm, 200 x 100 cm, 250 x 100 cm

Set includes

bag, galvanized pins to fix the structure in the ground, oval fiberglass rod, printed fabric


compact, instant disassembly, personalised, double-sided print

Display sandwich variants available in our offer

Sandwich display 120 x 70 cm

Sandwich display - 120x70 - Labo Print

120 x 70 cm


1,72 kg

Size after packaging

50 x 50 x 5 cm

Price from: 65,59 /pcs

Sandwich display 180 x 115 cm

Sandwich display - 180x115 - Labo Print

180 x 115 cm


3,77 kg

Size after packaging

65 x 65 x 5 cm

Price from: 101,85 /pcs

Sandwich display 200 x 100 cm

Sandwich display - 200x100 - Labo Print

200 x 100 cm


3,66 kg

Size after packaging

65 x 65 x 5 cm

Price from: 99,21 /pcs

Sandwich display 250 x 100 cm

Display sandwich - 250x100 - Labo Print

250 x 100 cm


6,03 kg

Size after packaging

85 x 85 x 5 cm

Price from: 136,13 /pcs

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Sandwich displays Stowaways are advertising products also known as display sandwich or pop-up sandwich. These oval marketing media can be used for all kinds of indoor and outdoor displays.

Sandwich display with double-sided printing

The sandwich display consists of an oval fibreglass construction and print on stretch pro fabric. The advertising area on the Stowaway is not very large, but its original shape and the fact that it can be placed almost anywhere makes it highly effective in promotion. Graphics on the system are placed on both sides.

Sandwich display – advantages in use

The sandwich display is a great solution if you are planning an event or promotional space and do not have many people involved. The stowaway is easy to set up, you need simply pull the product out of the bag and stretch its walls. The Stowaway has a low weight – between 1.72 and 6.03 kg. The lightness of the system and the simplicity of assembly are the main advantages of this solution.

The advantage of the sandwich display system is that it comes with an attached carry bag and takes up very little space when packed. These features are not without significance when events are held periodically. The organisation of the event requires many items to be packed away and then stored until the next event.

The display comes with galvanised pins that are driven into the ground to stabilise the system and prevent it from moving.

Sandwich display Stowaway – marketing use

The display Stowaway has many uses. The system can be used to promote a product, to mark landmarks, to show the way to a chosen location. The ease of installation and the ability to quickly change the location of the display are its great advantages.

The system is most often used on beaches and during outdoor sports events.