Cardboard leaflet holders

Cardboard leaflet holders

Catalog number


Intended use

advertising, Provision of information


Corrugated cardboard, flute E

Printing technology



0,16 kg

External dimensions

21,30 x 8 x 30 cm

Size after packaging

29,60 x 38,50 x 0,50 cm


can be used on character stands

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Cardboard leaflet holders are dispensers most often used on counters and tables, where brochures with additional information about the products or services offered are placed. Our leaflet dispenser is made of durable E cardboard with a 3-layer structure. The product is ideal as a place to display leaflets and price lists with additional information that may be of interest to our customers.

Cardboard leaflet holders with personalised printing

The walls of the leaflet display can be personalised with any graphics you wish, so it will fit perfectly into your interior. It is a good idea to include the company logo, address and QR code for the website on the design, especially if the flyer dispenser is placed outside the company’s point of sale. The graphics can relate to the product or service we offer, or be designed to be an integral part of our office or shop.

Features of a cardboard leaflet holders

Cardboard leaflet holders have a simple and elegant form. The design of the leaflet display is made to be stable despite its light weight (0.16 kg) – it has an additional support at the back. The product measures 21.30 x 8 x 30 cm. It can successfully accommodate a larger number of marketing materials in different formats, which eliminates the need to frequently add leaflets. Our display can also be used as part of other POS products. It can be used as an additional element of a shelf cardboard stand or one of the advertising stands.

Where can cardboard leaflet holders be used?

Cardboard leaflet holders are used almost everywhere. It can be seen in pharmacies, where it brings customers closer to current promotions and additional information on selected drugs, at post offices, clothing shops, petrol stations, waiting rooms, tourist offices, etc. This small product will work almost anywhere. It allows us to organise the space on shop countertops, tables, waiting areas or trade fair counters. With the leaflet display, the space is tidied up and a large number of scattered brochures can be avoided.