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How can I contact the printing house?

You can contact us by e-mail ([email protected]), telephone (+48 502300186) or through the contact form available on our website. We will do our best to respond to your questions as soon as possible. Our consultants speak English, German, Italian, French, Polish, Norwegian, and Dutch.


How can I obtain a valuation?

For calculation of a product of interest, please e-mail an inquiry to the trade department to the following address: [email protected] or submit your inquiry through the contact form available on our website.

What should an enquiry include?

A correctly prepared enquiry will speed up the valuation process.

For standard products, the e-mail should include the following:

  • Name of the selected product
  • Catalogue number (if one is assigned)
  • Size
  • Quantity
  • Delivery address

For a personalised product, the e-mail content should include the following:

  • Name of the selected product
  • Catalogue number (if one is assigned)
  • Material
  • Size
  • Quantity
  • Specification of the potential product personalisation
  • Selected finishing (for banners and textiles
  • Delivery address
What determines the price and are there any available discounts?

The cost of the order is determined by the selected product, its dimensions, used materials, and the quantity. In the event of modification of a product available in the scope of our standard offer, the price is subject to change. If you would like to order a bulk quantity of a certain product, you can submit an inquiry to our sales department in order to obtain an offer.

How long will I have to wait for the valuation?

We try to respond to all e-mails as quickly as possible. On business days, we usually respond within 24 hours.

Which services are considered as extra?

Extra services include shipping costs, which are determined by the weight and size of the product, the destination country and address, express turnaround, non-standard finishing, or changes in artworks ordered by the customer.


Placing an order

Before placing an order, please read the Terms and conditions available on the website. In order to make your purchase, please contact our consultants. You can send a message directly to the following address: [email protected] or through the contact form available on the website. By sending an e-mail containing an order, you are simultaneously acknowledging and approving the Terms and conditions.

The e-mail should include the following:

  • company name
  • company location and address
  • delivery address when different from company address
  • tax identification number, registration number
  • contact details of the customer (e-mail address and telephone number)
  • e-mail address to receive an e-invoice
  • order parameters (e.g. material name, format, quantity)
  • proposed order and delivery/collection deadline>

If you want to purchase goods including print, you will need to submit artwork. You can upload the file to the FTP server or provide it in a different way as arranged with our consultant. The project needs to be prepared according to the guidelines presented in our file preparation specification.

Is my order accepted for fulfilment?

If the content of the e-mail sent to our consultant includes all information required to fulfil the order and the file for print is approved by our graphic studio, we will send you an order confirmation, which you must approve in order to launch the fulfilment process.

The provided content needs to be verified. The summary must be approved in order for the order to be released for fulfilment. An e-mail response with no reservations is considered as approval. In order to preserve the specified fulfilment deadline, the approval needs to be submitted by 3 p.m. the business day, on which you received the calculation for approval.

Simultaneously, please note that we reserve the right to reject an order in special instances. The order may be rejected on grounds as listed in the content of the Terms and conditions, e.g. unavailability of a certain material, inability to contact the customer in order to complete the missing information.

Can I order products not available on the website?

If you do not find a product that meets your expectations on our website, please contact us by phone and e-mail. Our website includes basic products or the ones most popular among our customers. We are open to fulfilment of individual projects. For this purpose, please contact our consultants.

Also, please contact us if you cannot find a previously available product on our website. If a product is discontinued, we will do our best to offer an alternative.

Can I also order a graphic design?

Our offer does not include graphic designs, but we can propose the preparation of the file for printing. You can find the prices of extra services on our website.

Can I renew an archival print without having to reupload the files to the server?

Files used for purposes of orders are archived for 2 months following the date of order acceptance.

Preparing files for printing

How should I prepare files for printing?

Files should be prepared for printing according to the specification available on our website.

For cardboard products, please read both the general specification and the cardboard product specification. The documents include the following: format guidelines, resolution guidelines, drop guidelines, division guidelines, punching die guidelines, colour division guidelines, template material guidelines, and guidelines on submission for print. The specification is prepared for large-format prints, labels, backlit advertisements, and cardboard products.

What resolution should the graphics used in the project have?

The resolution must be adapted to the product.

Files with dimensions up to 5 m require a scale of 1:1, the scale for files with dimensions exceeding 5 m should be 1:10.

For foil, panels, and polyesters – in size of A4 – the 1:1 scale resolution should be 300 ppi and 150 ppi for formats exceeding A4.

For other materials: up to 2 m² – 450 ppi, 2-5 m² – 100 ppi, 5-25 m² – 80 ppi, 25-50 m² – 50 ppi, over 50 m² – 30 ppi. For files in scale of 1:10, the resolution must be 10 x greater.

The specifics of printing on cardboard require 100-200 ppi resolution. For labels, the appropriate resolution is 300-360 ppi. Files for backlit advertisement printing should be submitted in scale of 1:1 or 1:10.

In what formats should files for printing be saved and submitted?

We only accept files in proprietary formats for fulfilment. Graphics for large-format prints should be sent in.pdf, .eps, or.tiff format. For labels, the files should be saved in pdf format. For backlit advertisements, they should come in the following versions: .eps, .cdr, .jpg, or .pdf.

Please refrain from submitting files in an open format, e.g..ai, .indd, .psd. Such graphics will not be released for printing.

How do I submit files?

You can upload files to our FTP server. In order to obtain a personal login and password, please contact our sales department.

Can I see a preview before printing?

Yes, our company offers a print preview. If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity, please let us know when you are placing your order. When the fulfilment process starts, there is no option of entering changes into the project free of charge.


How do I make payments?

The payment should be made by bank transfer based on a pro forma invoice or deferred payment invoice.

Can I make deferred payments?

Orders are processed, once the full payment is made. For the deferred payment account details, please contact your advisor.

Order fulfilment

Do you print samples?

Yes, our company offers the option of ordering a sample of the goods. The order is subject to payment. Before placing the order for the proper print, you need to accept the sample version. The confirmation can be made by e-mail or in the way arranged with the sales consultant.

Can I change my order?

You can make changes before accepting the order confirmation, i.e. before the start of order fulfilment. Changes cannot be made when the order is in progress.

Can I add anything to a current order?

You can add additional items to your order before the start of its fulfilment. When the order is in production, you can place a new order for additional items.

Can I cancel my order?

After the order is approved by the customer, it is released for fulfilment. At this stage, the order can no longer be cancelled. However, we can agree to terminate the agreement if the buyer covers all costs adequate to the service completion stage. The termination must be made in writing and approved by a customer service specialist.

What is the minimum order value?

The minimum order value depends on the specific product. For most products, we fulfil orders starting with one item. You can buy single e.g. beach flags, tents, partitions, seats, roll-ups, aluminium frames, backlit advertisements, fair stands, or sun sails.

There is a minimum area required for orders of textiles, paper, foil, and panels. The customer can order a product smaller than the required minimum, but the order will be calculated for the minimum order values.

For calculations and additional information, please contact our sales office.

How much time does an order require?

The order fulfilment time is established on an individual basis as it is assessed based on the number of ordered products, order complexity, level of individualisation, application of additional refinements, etc. In every instance, the planned fulfilment deadline is presented to the customer for approval. The fulfilment deadline does not include delivery.

Is there any way to reduce the fulfilment time?

We offer the opportunity to purchase priority fulfilment, but this option is not always available. In order to obtain additional information about the specific service, please contact customer support.


What kind of delivery options does the company offer?

Our company works with various suppliers from 18 states, including UPS, DPD, and individual transports. We provide all offer inquiries with estimated costs and available forms of delivery. The final choice of the carrier is obviously up to the client.

Is pickup in person available?

Unfortunately, pickup in person is not possible.

How are the finished products packed and shipped?

Orders are packed as appropriate to the ordered product. In standard, shipments containing large format print are folded up when the shorter side exceeds length of 150 cm. For print on foil, the product is rolled onto a core or rolled up.

If you would like your products to be packed in a non-standard way, please contact a customer support representative in order to establish the details and costs.

What are the costs of delivery?

The cost of delivery depends on the weight and size of the ordered products and the carrier.

Can I change the delivery address?

You can change the delivery address before the order is released to the logistics department. You can no longer change the delivery address when the package is posted and released for delivery.

What countries do you deliver to?

We deliver to the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Netherlands, Ireland, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia, Germany, Norway, Slovakia, Switzerland, Sweden, UK and Italy. If you need to deliver a shipment to a country located outside of the European Union, you can ask customer support about the available options.

What happens when the shipment is damaged in transport or is delivered incomplete?

If the carrier delivers incomplete or damaged goods or broken packaging, a damage report must be completed in the presence of the deliverer upon the delivery in question. If the carrier makes it possible to fill out a report online, this form will also be accepted. If there is no written report, there may be no grounds for us to recognise the complaint.

The customer is obliged to take photographs of the damaged external shipment packaging. The photographs should include the waybill to serve as evidence.

Is there an option of priority shipping and plain label?

We offer express shipping for an extra charge. We offer shipment under the plain label upon request of the customer. Please include the appropriate information when placing your order.


How much time do I have to file a complaint after receiving the delivery?

You can file a complaint within 7 days counted from the moment, in which the customer receives the delivery.

How can I file a complaint?

You can file complaints by e-mail to the contact person accepting the order.The complaint form is available on our website.

All complaints should include the following: the name of your company, e-mail address for correspondence, waybill number, order number, items in the order subject to complaint, specification of the defect or circumstances providing grounds for complaint, and specification of the expected solution to the situation in question.

Please include (close up and distant) photographs of the product subject to complaint with the complaint form. If the photographs alone should turn out to be insufficient to provide an opinion, you may be requested to send back the product.

What is subject to complaint?

Complaints cover quality defects attributable to the printer e.g. printing errors.

What is not subject to complaint?

Complaints do not cover defects or errors attributable to the customer, e.g. delivery of incorrect materials for print or submission of illegal content. Furthermore, complaints do not cover the following:

  • Slight differences from the approved colour template
  • Slight differences from the approved sample print
  • Marginal differences in the size of +/- 2%
What is the complaint processing time?

Complaints are processed within 30 days. When the complaint is filed under statutory warranty, it is processed within 14 days.

How are complaints processed?

If your complaint is deemed legitimate, we will return the order payment or its part, replace the goods with new ones, or repair the product.


Can I return an ordered product?

Only standard products not subject to personalisation ordered by natural persons (with no VAT ID number) can be returned. Goods made according to designs provided by the customer and subject to any kind of personalisation (e.g. printed or engraved) cannot be returned.