Dispaboard indoor eco

Ecological signs

Intended use

presentation materials in sales points, promotional campaigns in closed spaces (indoors), suspended ceiling signs


850 g/m²

Printing technology

UV flat



Maximum size

2,45 x 1,25 m


the material can be successfully printed on both sides, lightweight, high degree of rigidity – longitudinal and transverse, made of paper – 100% recyclable

Important information

The price is the average price per material, please contact our sales department for a quote.

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The eco dispaboards are made of ecological DISPA cardboard, which is 100% recyclable. This is the perfect material for production of indoor ecological signs and advertising boards.

Ecological signs made of displaboard

The eco dispaboards have grammage of 850 gr/m². Signboards made of this material are characterized by optimal flatness and a uniform surface. The material is stable and very rigid to ensure that the advertising message is displayed impressively. Another advantage is provided by the excellent printing properties of the cardboard. The eco dispaboards display lively CMYK colours.

Ecological signs with ecological latex printing

Ecological signs and advertising boards are not only made of a material friendly to the environment but also have eco print. We use latex technology to print this material. The used ink is odour-free and ecological. The personalisation process does not produce any waste harmful to the environment. Simultaneously, after the end of the exhibit, the ecological signs and advertising boards can be recycled. When you choose our eco dispaboards, you are actively supporting the eco initiative and eliminating the problem of utilising advertising materials following the end of the campaign.

Ecological signs and advertising boards – use in the advertisement

Ecological signs made of DISPA cardboard can be used as elements of fair and event stands indoors or – for short periods – outdoors. As ecological materials are intended to be recycled, they are free of PVC. The concept assumes lower durability than that of products with synthetic materials with preservation of the pro-ecological attributes. This is why this is the perfect material for ecological signs to e.g. eco food sections. DISPA boards can also be used to make boards with store names for shopping centres. For example, the ecological material will go perfectly in a point offering environmentally friendly clothing. We also use the cardboard to make advertising boards for clip rails. In this form, it is used in store windows, museums, cinemas, theatres, or art galleries. Ecological signs and advertising boards can carry printed text in form of e.g. an information sign. A project on our ecological material is limited only by your inventiveness. Please see other environmentally friendly products in our offer.