Wallpaper ORAFOL Wall Art Digital

Printing on wallpaper

Intended use

catering, hotel, service and entertainment industries, office, private space



Printing technology




Maximum width

137 cm


good fit, marketing medium, personalized print, self-glue wallpaper, space decoration

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ORAFOL Wall Art Digital wall murals are a product that will change any interior. Unusual graphics placed on the wall can completely change the character of the whole room. In our printing house, you can order your wall mural in any size and with any graphic design you wish. You are not limited by patterns, you can design your dream composition and we will print it for you.
When choosing a wall mural, we usually focus on colour and design, but a very important aspect is the right choice of material. In our offer we have ORAFOL Wall Art Digital wallpaper.

Printing on wallpaper ORAFOL Wall Art Digital

This is a wall mural with a self-adhesive layer. No glue or additional tools are needed to apply it. This type of material is an excellent idea when we want to additionally cut our wall mural to shape. The structure of the material is quite thick – at 80 microns, it is durable.

What to consider when choosing printing on wallpaper ORAFOL Wall Art Digital for your interior

  1. What surface the wall mural will be applied to. On uneven walls that you don’t want to smooth out, it’s a good idea to use a structural wallpaper, which will mask this perfectly.
  2. Is it necessary to prepare the surface before printing on wallpaper?
  3. The graphics should be matched to the interior, its lighting and its function. In rooms facing north, it is advisable to opt for light-coloured wall murals, which will further brighten up the room.
  4. Selecting the right graphic for the size of the room. In large spaces, you can opt for motifs in bolder colours and with more elements. In the case of small spaces, in addition to decorative features, a wall mural can also optically increase or decrease the size of the space, brighten it up or overwhelm it with an inappropriately chosen motif.