Reboard eco


Intended use

commercial and fair stands, storefront arrangement, exhibition displays, private and commercial interior decorations, 2D and 3D structures cut to the desired shape

Printing technology

UV flat



Maximum size

3,05 x 2,03 m


the material can be successfully printed on both sides, available in two thicknesses (10 mm, 16 mm), made of cardboard – 100% recyclable, cardboard available in white and raw brown, the Reboard does not contain any harmful components and is made with water-based adhesives, the cardboard is recyclable as paper in common scrap paper streams

Important information

The price is the average price per material, please contact our sales department for a quote.

Reboard eco available in our offer

One-sided Reboard eco 10 mm

One-sided Reboard eco 10 mm - Labo Print

1200 g/m²

Price from: 18,60 /m2

One-sided Reboard eco 16 mm

One-sided Reboard eco 16 mm - Labo Print

1500 g/m²

Price from: 20,93 /m2

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Eco paperboards – 100% eco material

Eco paperboards are innovative product with a patented honeycomb design. Paperboards have been gaining popularity in the advertising business for several years. These products combine lightness, rigidity, and exceptional durability. The board is made of 100% recyclable paper, which makes the eco paperboard environmentally friendly.

Eco paperboard sizes and versions

We offer this material in two thicknesses: 10 mm and 16 mm for different kinds of projects. Despite the small size, the material is both light and durable, which makes it perfect for advertising structures. The eco paperboards are available in white and raw brown. The UV FLAT print is applied directly to the material in all colours or white. The grammage is 1200 g/m2 (for 10 mm thickness) and 1500 g/m2 (for 16 mm thickness).

Eco paperboard application

Paperboards are easy to process, which – combined with their durability and lightness – produces an exceptional result for advertising purposes. The material is great for retail and fair stands, storefronts, and exhibition displays. It can also be used to arrange both personal and commercial interiors and in both 2D and 3D structures cut to the desired shape.

Exceptional advantages of the material

Paperboards do not contain any harmful components and are made with water-based adhesives. The board can be recycled as paper in regular recycling streams. Paperboards are easy to cut to various shapes and forms.

Eco paperboards are innovative materials, which are gaining popularity in various industries. This is an ecological recycled paper alternative for traditional advertising materials. Paperboards are also excellent components of furniture and interior decoration elements. By being so light and easy to process, eco paperboards can serve as foundations for various elements like racks, tables, chairs, or wall panels. The boards can be printed, cut to various shapes, and made in various colours, which makes them suitable for original and unique projects. The high quality does not necessarily have to mean excessive costs because eco paperboards come at reasonable prices. Please see other environmentally friendly products in our offer.