Cardboard display boxes

Cardboard display boxes

Catalog number


Intended use

products to the checkout area


Corrugated cardboard, flute E

Printing technology



0,2 kg

External dimensions

15,70 x 15,50 x 22,50 cm

Size after packaging

58,20 x 68,50 x 0,15 cm


adaptation to space, lightness, personalization, possibility of adapting to products, quick assembly, semi-mat printing structure

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The cardboard display boxes are items commonly used in the trade, at trade fair stands, promotional stands or in the office. It has a wide range of applications, depending on what we want to present in it. It allows us to effectively display products and information to our customers.

What is the use of cardboard display boxes?

Cardboard display boxes are excellent producst for organising the space of our exhibition stand, office or shop counter. Leaflets, brochures, price lists or other information materials placed in it are presented in a clear and neat form and have their own place. Additionally, printed with appropriately prepared graphics, the counter display are perfect as an element promoting our offer. We can place a design on the walls of the dispenser, which will additionally draw the attention of our customers, informing them of what we have in promotion at the moment, what novelties we have.

Where can you use cardboard display boxes?

The cardboard display boxes can be used almost anywhere. You can use them to display a promotional leaflet at a trade fair, a brochure of a new product in a shop, a prospectus in a waiting room or pharmacy, or conference materials. Another idea is to present small products in the display boxes. In a drugstore, the naladium displays can contain sale cosmetics or novelties. In the case of an office supply shop, it is worth placing office aids in them. An interesting graphic design can draw the attention of customers, who will be eager to grab a brochure or promotional gadget to learn more about the offer.

Why use a cardboard display boxes?

Cardboard display boxes are made of cardboard and can be recycled – an environmentally friendly solution. Its big advantage is that it is compact and can be easily rearranged or stowed away. Interesting graphics on the walls of the dispenser will easily draw the customer’s attention and encourage them to take a look at the offer, where there is no such possibility when the product is on the shop shelves. Placing the display in the checkout area prompts waiting customers to buy impulsively.

What other products can be used at the same time during a promotion using a cardboard display boxes?

Cardboard display boxes can be used as a stand-alone promotional product or as part of an overall campaign. By using multiple promotional products at the same time, we increase the probability that customers will take an interest in our offer. We encourage you to familiarise yourself with our other offers.