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Leading provider of advertising solutions

The large-format printing house Labo Print is a leading supplier of advertising solutions on the Polish and European markets. We have state-of-the-art machinery for printing on both roll and flat materials, as well as equipment for finishing the products we offer. We are constantly monitoring the market and its changes in order to provide our customers with the solutions they are looking for. We change and expand our offer by adjusting it to the expectations and requirements of our customers. 

Large format printer

Labo Print is a large-format printing house working on the basis of digital solutions, which gives us the possibility of great flexibility in the realisation of projects, attractive prices for our clients and quick deadlines. Digital printing does not require a large amount of complex file preparation before printing, so the whole production process does not take much time. It takes the same amount of time to prepare a file for a single or multiple production order. Printed graphics do not need time to dry; they can be processed immediately for finishing.

The large-format digital printing house Labo Print will carry out orders for you starting from one piece, which would incur high costs when processing this type of order using other technologies. As a digital printing house, we do not incur the fixed costs associated with preparing printing forms each time, which is why we can offer such attractive prices to our customers.

Labo Print digital printing house

We work with solutions based on digital technology, providing products such as banners, films, prints for advertising media, labels, mugs and many others in excellent quality. We carry out orders on modern printing machines using UV, sublimation, solvent and latex technologies.

Materials and systems offered by the large-format Labo Print printing house

When working on a new offer, we test many available offers and solutions from our suppliers. We place great emphasis on ensuring that the components and materials used for printing are of the highest quality. When deciding to add an item to our offer, we are sure that it will meet the highest expectations of our customers. Each printing process is carried out according to individually developed technology and the end result is a product of the highest quality.

Labo Print is a large format printing house is a qualified team

Our team of specialists carries out the orders of our customers on a daily basis, taking care of every detail. Our cooperation with the customer starts from the first contact, during which we try to get to know the needs of our partner and his way of working and expectations. We advise on the most suitable material for a given project, which solution to use for a given advertising budget. Upon receiving an order, we check the quality of the file, its size and the correctness of the information received. We realise that success is about the people who make up the company, therefore our large-format printing house takes care of proper training of employees and continuous improvement of their qualifications. Orders are quality controlled at every stage of their realisation so that the final product is of the highest standard.

Large-format printing company, realising thousands of individual projects

Digital printing is a technology that allows orders to be realised from a single print run. Our large-format printing house handles more than 10,000 personalised orders every month, where each one has several different graphic designs to be printed. We complete standard orders in 3-4 working days, which is a great advantage for our customers. Working with us, you do not have to plan your marketing campaigns well in advance.

Large-format Labo Print- Product categories offered by our digital print shop

The offer of our large-format printing house includes a wide range of printing materials and advertising products. On our website we present an assortment divided into the following product categories: banners, textiles, beach flags, foils, tents, rollups, seats, cardboard stands, walls, aluminum frames, e-commerce packaging, POS, papers, boards, printed mugs, sun sails, displays, 3D letters, labels, wallpaper, decoration, eco products, anti-COVID products.

Large-format Labo Print- an offer adjust to your needs

In addition to the division of our offer by product categories, we have also provided a classification by application. We have divided our assortment according to destination in order to make it easier to browse the offer related to a particular industry or demand: office, medical centre, fitness and beauty clubs, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, events, shops, petrol stations or fairs.

Versatility of use of the systems and solutions offered by Labo Print digital print shop

The advertising systems available in our offer have a wide range of applications. An advertising wall can be used to arrange an office, retail or event space, but also during trade fairs. A printed deckchair is an excellent idea for promoting your business in catering gardens or relaxation areas, but it is also a piece of equipment for fair stands or common areas in offices. As you can see, each product can have a range of possible uses. In addition, most of them are reusable, easy to store and transport. Prints placed on the system are easily replaced. Once purchased from us, a system is not for a single use, it is an investment for many years. Our company can boast an extensive portfolio of completed orders and a number of satisfied customers. We cooperate with companies and public institutions in Poland and Europe.

Our large-format printing house adapts its offer to the changing needs of the market

Our company’s portfolio includes an increasingly wide range of products. Observing the needs of the market, we have decided to add the following to our proposals in recent years: sun sails, digital labels, eco-friendly printing products, carton boxes, cardboard stands and printed cups. Each of these products has been carefully developed. We set up separate production lines, tested materials and forms of finishing to deliver a product with excellent print and finish quality that could be delivered in the shortest possible time. In response to the increasing demand for eco-friendly solutions, our large-format printer has introduced a collection of biodegradable, recycled or recyclable products. Printed cardboard boxes, cardboard stands, paper labels and eco-friendly printing materials are our response to market demand. Each of these products is reusable, easy to fold after presentation and store.

5 reasons why you should join the group of our satisfied customers?

  1. Professional advice on advertising solutions and materials.
  2. Access to state-of-the-art machinery.
  3. Wide range of products and solutions.
  4. Competitive prices.
  5. Quick lead times.

We supply our solutions and products of the highest quality to Partners throughout Europe and Poland. Large-format Labo Print is a place where you can count on professionalism and reliability of services provided, a guarantee of professionalism and punctuality. We kindly invite you to get acquainted with our offer.

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