Frontlit eco

Eco friendly banner

Intended use

banner, indoor advertising, large-format advertising, short-term outdoor advertising


200 g/m², 320 g/m²

Printing technology


Maximum material width

3,20 m


can be recycled, no PVC additives, they leave a minimal footprint in nature

Frontlit eco materials available in our offer

Frontlit eco 200

Frontlit eco 200 - Printing house - Labo Print

200 g/m²

Price from: 11,00 /m2

Frontlit eco 320

Frontlit eco 320 - Printing house - Labo Print

320 g/m²

Price from: 14,50 /m2

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Frontlit eco has no PVC additives in its composition, making it an environmentally friendly and recyclable product.

Why choose Eco Frontlit?

Our Frontlit Eco is an alternative product to standard frontlit, but it does not have PVC in its composition. Compared to standard frontlit, it is less durable and is not suitable for outdoor long-term advertising campaigns, but it will work perfectly for indoor arrangements. The most important aspect of this product is its ecological composition, it is easily recyclable and has no harmful effects on our environment.

What technology is used to print on Frontlit Eco material?

We offer Frontlit Eco in two basis weights: 200 and 320 gr/m². We print on this material using odourless and ecological water-based inks – latex technology. Printing using this technology has an excellent colour saturation and allows a high level of detail. These low-toxic inks are safe for the environment.

How do I design graphics for Frontlit Eco?

When planning promotional graphics, it is important to ensure that they are consistent with the form of visual communication your company uses. It is a good idea to keep the communication consistent in terms of colour schemes, marketing slogans, graphic elements. It is also important to think about who you are targeting with your message, the target audience, the intended emotional reception of your message. All this is very important if we want to achieve the intended effect of our promotion.

Before designing graphics, it is a good idea to familiarise yourself with the specifications for preparing files for print. Important elements, logos and advertising slogans should be placed in the so-called safe area, i.e. the area where our print will not have any finishing elements placed, such as grommets, stitching, etc.

Eco-Frontlit – marketing applications

Eco Frontlit is mainly used for printing materials placed on display systems, it is used during election campaigns, elements presented indoors. All companies communicating environmental care and concern for future generations to their customers should be interested in this product. Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.